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by Emily on November 24, 2018

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Words when used well acquire a power of its own. And today, a well composed of product is what users opt-in for through their sales funnel. Also, by using products and creativity in the product description, your store can convert the casual browser into a loyal customer. Since the majority of the users generally arrive at the buying decision based on a product picture, useful product images are helpful in filling the gaps to find out, if the product is apt for the customer.

When you educate the users on the principal benefits, a distinctive value proposition and providing a solution to an impending use enables the product description to generate more sales and lesser refund rates.  Hence, it is essential for people to know that things that are of help then to come up with a best product description. 

Understanding a product description

Simply put, a product description is a copy that outlines the benefits and features of a product to the customer. The primary objective of the product description is to offer the customer with ample data so that they get compelled to want all the products instantaneously. If you’re going to write an excellent product description, then you should have specific questions in mind that the concerned brand will answer. These questions are as follows: 

  • The problems that a product can effectively solve?
  • What can the users gain when they use a certain product?
  • What distinguishes your product from the others that are present in the market?
  • It is essential for your product description to answer all these questions in a way, that it is an easy read. And the ways of implementing which you can write the product descriptions better, are as follows:

1. Understand who all are your target audience

To start applying the very first step for product description is the moment where you define a target audience. You might want to know the features before outlining them. And this starts first with having a clear understanding of the buyer persona. This buyer persona is essential to understand the features that are important to your customers. When product descriptions are written by product description writers, it is necessary to keep the following questions in mind:

  • How did someone come to your business web page?
  • What is it that interests him or her?
  • The reason that this person is going to stay interested in your online store?
  • The way the person is going to talk about a product to one of his/her friends?
  • What are the benefits and features that are going to interest this person more?

It is essential to keep all these questions in your mind as you get involved in writing the product copy. It will help you write a better product description that sells.

2. You need to concentrate on all the product benefits

Being a business owner, you get enthused about sharing the best qualities of your product. Every owner wants to highlight that their product comes with the distinctive specs and unique features. The buyer is somehow not keen to know any of the mundane aspects of a product. Instead, they are keen on learning how the product can be of help to them.

Simply put, a product feature gets best defined as a factual statement regarding the product that offers technical data. And on the other hand, a product benefit tells you the way the product might improve the life of a buyer. And just in case, you decide to take a close look at the product descriptions of an uncommon item from above, and you will observe the essential features of the product along with its advantages. 

3. It is also important to tell the complete story

Standard product description needs to provide all the essential details. It further should convince the buyer of all the benefits and also add in the emotional mix. It is emotions that hugely impact the buyer behavior. Hence, your product descriptions are the best place where feelings can be unlocked.  Are you thinking how to do this? For this, you simply need to fill any the gaps that then potential buyers might have concerning the product or the service.

4. Make use of a natural tone and language

It’s not good to be verbose in online communications. Verbosity is a trend of the past, and many people find it utterly pointless. You need to conduct a couple of checks here. For instance, when you read a specific product description loudly, how does that sound? If it sounds like a casual conversation that you have with your friend, then it is what it should be. On the other hand, does the description sound like a collection of big words? In this case, you need to change the tone otherwise, the product description will become redundant. 

So, if your product description isn’t something that you would use to converse with a casual friend of yours, its high time that you add a bit of life and quirkiness to them. When you add the natural tone, the product descriptions appear real, conversational and highly relate-able.

5. Making use of the power words that sell

When you are dealing with product descriptions, you will have to deal with many things that require seamless management. And it is this learning that matters most. Some specific phrases and words naturally draw in an emotional response from people. And for the online stores, this helps in maximizing the sales. When you are mindful and careful about the phrases, it is easy to convince your users to take a leap of faith and arrive at a buying decision

Today, people have a very short attention span. And only approximately 16% read on what a web page provides. Hence, your product description should be able to cater to 16% successfully. And today, you can go ahead and get this done, by making the descriptions extra scan-able.

It is essential to make the product descriptions easy to scan by adding in short paragraphs, bullet points and few sentences. You also need to add in various font size and use ample white space as well. By following these guidelines, you can write the best product descriptions.

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Tarique Amir November 26, 2018 at 08:12

Hi Emily,

Product description is an important part of listing your product up for sale. It is important to be honest with the description. You should elaborately describe it so that it answers most of customers queries. Good clear attractive pictures are added attraction for your potential buyers.

Thanks for sharing, have a good day. 🙂


Praveen Verma November 26, 2018 at 09:42

Great tips. The tips provided in this post will help us in writing effective product descriptions every time. We should always focus on writing informative product descriptions which will surely help you in increasing your sales.

Thank you for sharing this post with us.
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