The Rise and Future of Artificial Intelligence

What does the future hold for technology?  We have seen it in movies how our usual devices are now able to learn and talk to us like real human beings. Apparently, machine learning is no longer a theory as recent tech advancements have presented computer programs and software that are able to “learn, adapt and think.” Demonstrating behaviours we associate with humans, we call this technology today as Artificial Intelligence or AI.

Here are other behaviours AI can do:

  • Planning
  • Problem-solving
  • Reasoning
  • Learning
  • Perception
  • Recognition
An infographic entitled ‘Rise of the Machines‘ clearly explains that the future of AI lies in closer cooperation between humans and technology. It cited four possible ways that machines can enhance (and not threaten) our daily work:
  1. AI will encourage leading competitors, such as how NBA coaches use it to plan their strategies.
  2. The technology can improve medical research, through faster analysis of data to produce treatment plans and medications.
  3. Machines can look out for us through software specifically designed to save lives in other ways.
  4. AI could assist with environmental efforts. For example, the technology is being used today to maximise the efficiency of farming by collecting data thus reducing the waste.

Today, it’s difficult to predict whether Artificial Intelligence can help or destroy us. We’ll leave it here with Japanese business magnate Masayoshi Son’s thought about the technology:

Rise Of The Machines Infographic

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