The Best Games To Enjoy On Mac OS X

Gaming doesn’t automatically come to mind when you think “Mac”, however there are now loads of games available for the Mac and OS X sees many of the most popular games now being played on the Mac. Now developers have become a lot more open minded in terms of releasing games onto different platforms and owning a Mac now doesn’t mean you miss out on gaming.

Online gaming is also incredibly popular right now and players may have some concerns about malware and viruses attacking their devices whilst they are playing online. Thankfully there is a very small amount, if any, that are known to attack Mac OS X; so that using this system for gaming very sensible.

Let’s look at some of the best games that can be played via OS X.

The Banner Saga

The Banner Saga is a critically acclaimed RPG game, which gives the player the chance to create their own epic journey in which the strategic choices they make affect their own story and the world around them. You will lead a caravan through an amazing and unique fantasy realm which takes inspiration from Norse Mythology. The aim is to save your people through winning the war against enemy clans and soldiers. Every decision taken has an effect on the storyline.

Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skyline is a modern version of the classic city simulation and is now the champion of the city building sim games and also one of the best strategy games playable on Mac OS X. You play as the mayor of a town and you are responsible for all aspects of the way it is run, from emergency services and taxes to entertainment and zoning.

This War is Mine

This War is Mine is a war video game with a difference. This story, based in a fictional Eastern European city, sees the player become a civilian caught in the crossfire and must do whatever it takes to survive. In essence it is a task management game that involves spending your time ensuring you have the necessary supplies and equipment needed to survive within this war zone.

Furthermore, playing online casino games as well as video games is a very good experience on the Mac OS X and is becoming increasingly popular. The majority of online casinos now have games such as video slots and table games that run really smoothly and are enjoyable to play through OS X. In fact, today’s sites and brands also have apps that make their games even more accessible through Apple devices running on OS X.

Unlike in the past, it is now possible for gamers to enjoy a fantastic gaming experience on the Mac thanks to OS X and enjoy online gaming without the worry of malware and hackers. It is worth noting though that if you are interested in playing the latest high-end video games on a Mac it is worth having one equipped with at least an Intel Iris Pro, or a discrete GPU from AMD.

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