5 Reasons Why They Choose Static Site Generators for Website Development

Over the years, the concept of website development has migrated from completely static web pages to dynamic ones. And now, complex applications form a part of a majority of websites. 

But, the complexity has also given rise to security threats and performance problems.

Static Site Generator (SSG) packages make your business website development convenient. As the name suggests, they help you create static websites.

Like CMS packages, these are also ready tools for website making. But, Content Management Systems are used for building dynamic websites.

If you have a small business and want to communicate with your audience through your website, a static website offers many perks. And, SSG is the solution for you to build such a site.

Read further to know how!

1. Security

By far, the biggest benefit of using SSG is the security of your site and data.

A website developed using SSG is simple on technology. It mainly uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and so your webpage doesn’t have to go through bulky compilations. The browsers are capable enough to interpret the pages and display the contents to your visitors.

This helps in preventing malicious attempts and hacking.

The data is static and there is no database. So, there is no possibility of any database crash or corruption.

Basically, static sites made using these generators are less vulnerable to security breaches.

There is hardly any server-side dependency. This also secures the website from any security threats through the server vulnerabilities.

2. Performance

You must be reading a lot regarding ways to speed up your website and tips to improve website performance etc.

With a static website, you need not worry about such things. Obviously, with such simple technology, the website loads faster.

So, you get better visitor traffic with hardly any bounce rates.

The content is collected and projected to the front end through a simple template. So, you don’t need any database. This further improves the speed.

Thus, your website performs better with a website that has been developed using the SSG.

This is why businesses with heavy traffic prefer static sites. 

3. No Upgrade Requirements

As you are aware, complicated technologies and languages undergo persistent technological advancements.

Haven’t you seen tutorials on how to upgrade your WordPress site?

Even if you have made your website using the best CMS, it needs to be upgraded with every version change in the CMS package.

Consequently, you have to upgrade your website to match it with these changes.

So, despite using some of the best technologies, you have to constantly keep working on your website. This consumes a lot of your time. Often you have to spare huge amounts of money for this activity.

As already discussed SSG use simple scripting languages and so there is hardly any need for upgrading the website.

For small businesses which do not require populating their website with dynamic data every now and then can definitely put SSG to their advantage and enjoy a low maintenance website.

4. Testing

Website testing is always crucial to web development. At this stage, various aspects are evaluated.

Whether the layout of the site is rolling out equally well on mobile and desktop computer? Likewise, there are many more concerns.

A significant time is spent on website testing before it goes live. This is to make sure that the live site is fully functional and performing.

Testing a static site during development is easier when it is made using such a generator.

This is because you can build and preview your site anywhere, even from a client computer.   

5. Cost Savings

There is hardly any cost of development and maintenance. If you start using SSG, you have already prevented expenses in these categories.

Moreover, with lighter and faster sites, even hosting charges are considerably reduced. There is no requirement of a database either. And it allows you to select one of the basic hosting plans.

Most dynamic sites require security maintenance too. And such activities are to be carried out on a regular basis. This adds to ongoing costs for the business, almost permanently. But, static site generators are a solution to this as well.

Technical problems keep cropping up with your dynamic sites. And I am sure you would have spent a lot in maintaining an in-house technical team.

Else, you would be hiring the service of external professionals who manage your website’s technical issues for you. These are additional expenses for you to deal with.

Static sites made using the generators, as discussed earlier, bring an end to all such expenses.


Your business largely depends on an effective internet presence. The website is a crucial part of any business outreach.

It should provide the relevant information to your visitors in shortest possible time.

While there are so many technologies for website development, it becomes imperative to select the one that gives you the most in terms of efficiency.

If a simple site solves your purpose of bringing visitors and converting them into customers, why would you go for anything complicated!

Static Site Generators are an emerging trend for static website development. So, why not try it now! 

Guest article written by: Jin Markov is a Content Writer with Goodfirms.co, a research firm in the USA. He has an experience of 5 years and has been writing on areas related to technology for small business and social media marketing.

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