Tech that cleans your home for you

Most of us like to miss out household chores when we can. Thankfully, consumer tech is providing some solutions so we no longer have to do some of the grunt work. This has come in the form of a somewhat comical invasion of smart robots into you home living. These robotic vacuums, window cleaners and mops are surprisingly smart and effective!

Robot vacuums are one of the most mainstream and highest selling cleaning home tech devices. Leading the way is the iRobot Roomba, the pioneering and best equipped robot vacuum to deal with your homes mess. The top of the range Roombas come with advanced Smart Mapping & VSLAM technology which uses a camera of your home to build up a detailed map of exactly where everything is. When it comes to cleaning, the Roomba is able to use this information to take very effective and quick cleaning routes. The most recent Roomba 980 has a powerful vacuum motor and a deep clean carpet cleaning mode that target relatively harder to clean dirt and debris found in carpets. The latest models are also smart home enabled as they are connectable to Wi-Fi and have additional features accessible via the iRobot Home app. One of the most common applications of Roombas is for cleaning of all too familiar pet hair mess. The best Roomba for pet hair is the 980, but the 960, 890 and 690 are all top choices for a variety of budgets.

Robotic window cleaners, such as th Ecovacs Winbot, are a relatively experimental smart cleaning product. These devices work well on flat indoor glass surfaces and will require some attention to moving around your home. You simply place the window cleaner on the surface and it can automatically identify the size of the window and program a path of cleaning to speed up the cleaning process. These devices can clean glass of any thickness and uses a vacuum suction mechanism to get the job done and leave your glass spotless. All in all they look a little strange and work slowly but they certainly take a leaning load off your hands.

Similar to the robot vacuum, the robot mop autonomously maneuvers your home and cleans as it goes along. Some robot vacuums such as those by iLife, have mopping features that are offered in the same device. Other brands, like iRobot, have a completely different range of models that are dedicated moppers. iRobots smart mops are called Bravaas, which share many of the same principals and features that the Roomba have, such as the navigation technology. Their use is very simple, you just attach a cleaning cloth and press the MOP button and you’re good to go.

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    Great information, iRobot Roomba looks like a great thing to have if you are one like me. Who likes to work on weekdays and clean house on weekends. iRobot Roomba is a perfect way to clean your house without much effort.

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    Here, happy to know about iRobot Roomba vacuum and its feattures. Really, this home tech device will be very useful in cleaning our home in less time, without much efforts. Today, there are lots of home tech devices available in the market, but we need to choose that can fulfill our needs and make our lives easier.

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