Influence of Career and Education on Student’s Professional Life

Whether mere academic based or job-oriented education, the same is interconnected with a student’s future career and professional life. Still, careerism hinders some students from choosing their own private interest as their future career. At the same time, there are some rays of hope within this scenario because modern parents never try to instill their lost career interest upon their children.

One can easily identify the fact that education is the foundation of an individual’s future career and professional life. Its influence is wide and deep because the type of education one or one’s parents choose cannot be undone. For instance, if a student’s parents choose engineering as his/her career and gets admission at any engineering college, that student’s future career is destined to be an engineer. On the other side, that student’s private interest might not be similar to that of the career chosen by his/her parents. So, parents must try to understand the private interest of their children, who are expected to be the productive citizens in future.

Students must realize the fact that they too have their own private interest and career aspiration. As far as the topic under discussion is concerned, students must go beyond the dreams of their parents. They need to know that the type of education can easily determine their future career and related professional development. If a student is ready to share his/her dreams and ideas on future career and related professional development with parents, there is less scope of the pressure from the parents’ side to choose a specific aspect of educational pattern.

On the other side, both the student and parents can consult a career consultant/counselor to identify the student’s dreams and ideas about future career. This is the easiest way because a career consultant/counselor can be most helpful for the parents to identify their child’s career aptitude. Still, immature decisions can ruin a student’s future. For example, a fourth grader’s dream may be to become a driver. Later, that dream may transform into that of a career aspiration as a loco pilot. Within this context, students must show courage to disclose and share their dreams with their parents. If, they can easily go beyond their limits by linking their private interest with their career aspiration, and the same can boost up their professional development in future years. In short, if a student’s private interest and career aspiration can be wrapped up into a single whole, sky is the limit!

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