Mobile App Trends 2018 Has Brought Us

Every year, some apps become a massive trend all around the world, and 2018 is no different. Mobile phones, tablets and other smart devices are becoming more intelligent, and as their hardware becomes better, so can the apps we use them for. Whether it’s the latest games or a quirky app you never thought you’d need, here are the best apps that 2018 has produced.


This app is basically an anti-phone app, and it’s surprising how popular it has become in 2018 to the point where multiple developers have created similar apps. Forest is an app designed for people who think they use their phone too much. The app is simple and keeps track of your time on your phone. A small plant grows the more you don’t use your phone, and you can see it progress into something that resembles a Forest. The app can be connected to friends and family, and you can compete to grow the biggest forest. It’s a novel app that has found popularity with those obsessed with checking their phones and give you more time to appreciate more things other than social media.


The financially cautious persons’ best friend, SplitWise is the perfect app for keeping track of who owes who money. For people who live together or spend a lot of time together paying for one another, SplitWise keeps track of your weekly or monthly spending and tells you what money is owed at the end of the period. It saves time off working out bills and makes it unlikely that you forget about something your friend might owe you, perfect for students and it’s proving to be a success.


An app that has made an appearance at the Apple design awards, Agenda is a note-taking application the makes organising your work much easier. It can be used for both personal and professional reasons and works as more than a novelty on a phone, with the ability to format content in PDF files and other text documents.


Bring a team’s communication and collaboration onto one platform. Slack work well for both large companies and small businesses, and the smart app helps to identify scheduling issues and brings people, tools and conversations together to optimise performance. Slack is said to be scientifically proven to make your working life simpler, and its popularity on the app store seems to back this up.

Voice Search

With the popularity of voice-enabled commands, Voice is an app that is fully customisable to suit every user. The app gives you a much more precise version of current voice controlled devices. Being able to change languages, send long messages and create notes, the app can be tailored to suit your exact needs.

Every year, because of IOS and Android app development, new technologies are created to make novelty products for users and business apps toad better functionality to current products. It’s exciting to think about new apps that will be available for 2019, and it’s likely to be linked with the popularity of voice search.

Guest article written by: Richard Meadow is a freelance writer enjoys writing about technology development and the latest rumours from the industry.

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