5 Streaming Services to Watch Your Favorite Movies

Entertainment has momentous importance in our everyday lives. Watching movies has been a favorite pastime for humans for a long time. A great movie can easily impact the viewer’s attitudes towards various ideas and goals.

These days, people tend to remember movies more than they remember poetry, books or gags. They make us experience thrill, romance, action and so much more in just a mere couple of hours. Teachers also use movies to educate students towards certain academic goals. The entertainment industry possesses the power to immerse the audience to the point where they might forget their sufferings and sorrows for a while. A movie takes you to the world of dreams where even the impossible might seem like an everyday routine act.

This all begs the question: how can you easily watch these amazing movies? In the past, people used to go to theaters to watch their favorite movies. Theater certainly still exist, but in this advancing and fast-paced world, more and more people prefer to watch these movies on their smart TV at their own convenience, sitting on a comfy sofa at home. No longer do people have to buy expensive discs in order to watch their favorite movies.  Instead, a number of admirable streaming services have been established in the entertainment market  — and now users can even stream movies right from a phone. Let us take a look at some of the best streaming services there are!


One of the best streaming services undoubtedly would be Netflix. It’s a little more expensive than other streaming services, but it provides a great collection of feature films, documentaries, and TV shows, all within a very slick interface. The starting price of their package has been revised to $11 per month. Netflix is currently the world’s leading entertainment service provider in many regions. It caters to an impressive 117 million subscribers in over 190 countries worldwide. Members can watch their favorite shows on any internet connected smart device with the dedicated Netflix app. The best part of being a member is that you can stream throughout the day without any sort of interference from commercials.


When we talk about streaming TV shows, people mainly think of Netflix. But in recent years, Amazon has done a great job of creating an ever-increasing customer base with its own Prime Instant Video service. You get to choose from a wide array of content, catered specifically to consumer needs. Amazon Prime is growing rapidly, and is just behind Netflix as an emerging ruler of the video streaming service industry. The application and the interface it offers is quite impressive, and easily attracts customers who were already satisfied by Amazon’s amazing customer services. Your children also get to enjoy a wide array of awesome movies. A huge perk of Amazon’s streaming service is the ability to download content for watching offline. That’s a major upside for Amazon Instant Video service which isn’t offered by Netflix yet. Its starting price is $99 per year, or $8.99 per month.


If you are the sort of viewer who wants to watch the latest shows right after they premiere, then Hulu is a safe choice for you. Hulu is famous for its anime collection, which the majority of other streaming websites lack, and thus attracts anime watching audiences from all over the world. The service currently relies on its ties with major media networks, including ABC, Fox, NBC, and The CW. Hulu’s original content is a bit less inspiring, but with a starting price of $8 per month, its network TV shows are sure to keep you entertained.


HBO NOW is the award winning original service from HBO. It features almost all the top rated movies across various genres. HBO Now is an individual streaming service that you subscribe to on a monthly basis. Its starting price is $14.99, which is definitely higher than some if its competitors, but the exclusive features it delivers to customers are sure to make them feel privileged. The service is comprised of over 400 hours of feature shows and HBO original television films (including 130 movie titles that are rotated monthly). With HBO Now, you get immediate entrée to all of HBO—all the episodes of original shows and all the movies, old or new. You can also watch some shows as soon as they are aired. Plus, hundreds of programs are available solely for kids. HBO Now is only available in the United States.

Disney Life

If you are a Disney fan, Disney Life is the thing for you. Watch over 400 Disney movies with this dedicated service. Disney Life lets you enjoy over 4000 Disney TV episodes from box sets, plus live TV from Disney Channel, Disney XD, and Disney Junior. Plus, you can download movies and take them along with you wherever you go. Experience the Disney magic with family and friends with simple monthly subscriptions while avoiding the hassle of any related contracts. It has an introductory price of $2.99 per month, which is quite reasonable as the targeted audience is mostly kids. Disney fans must be happy enough to find a dedicated platform to fulfil their desire of watching limitless Disney movies.

We recommend Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO NOW, ND Disney Life as some of the finest streaming services to watch your favorite shows. Not only is their content formidable, the technical aspects of their portals also are in a league of their own! A number of these portals require a stable internet connection, and you are sure to find a seamless internet connection among various Xfinity deals to suit your needs. Movies are more than just entertainment though. They can implant ideas, move individuals, and spread the true meaning of love. So be sure to gather more than just entertainment during your next entertainment spree.

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  1. Netflix is my all time favorite movie streaming service. I have also used other movie apps but no other app can beat Netflix. I love their services.

  2. Netflix is one of the finest streaming services that won’t be beaten by any of the streaming services have emerged into the streaming market nowadays.

  3. Great article Andrea. I do post on Youtube but didn’t try other video sharing website. What are your experiences with tubemogul? I heard it submits to many video sharing websites at once.

  4. Hi Admin!

    I have always given my first priority to Netflix while comparing with others. Because it always provides good quality videos and movies without any interruption and the subscriptions also not much and worth it. Recently, on 5th and 6th December 2020, they allow users to enjoy its movies and web series for absolutely free. Offers like these will surely increase its subscribers. Thank you!



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