Image-To-Image Translation The A.I. Technology For Drawing

image to image

Image-to-image translation is the technology of giving the computer few outlines for the desired drawing and it will give you back a cool complete image and sometimes if you are trying to draw a human face or a cat or something that it really it will give you back a result that looks like a real photographed item.

The trending name of the technology is pix2pix and it easy to test it yourself you can find many tools to try it online.

check this example of what can we do with image-to-image translation technology


The technology that is being used here is called G.A.N. ” Generative Adversarial Networks “.

Generative Adversarial Networks

It is an artificial intelligence algorithm that is practiced with self-learning computers, This way can design pictures that look like human faces portraits that you can’t even know if it is not true.

Lately, People started to use pix2pix on internet like it is a fun thing,  you’ll mostly find titles that are like ” Create horror faces with pix2pix”, well it is a bit fun for sure to draw some few lines and get back a good photographed for some face in return .. but if you know how can we benefit from this technology in graphic design and human faces designing you won’t consider it as fun anymore .

Presently Nvidia did some developments on the Generative Adversarial Networks technology to make it able to create human faces that you can never know if it is a true face or just randomly generated face from the GAN technology.


This faces on the above image is not real persons but it is just random human realistic faces that are created by the new Generative Adversarial Networks technology developed by NVidia, see how realistic looking is it?

Despite there are some fears of creating such a real looking faces as some people can abuse the technology by creating fake IDs and scam people as they are other persons, and when the scammed person discovers that it was a scam he can never find the person again, he didn’t even exist from the beginning, But still this great technology can be used in good ways starting with adding a real looking in video games and graphics.

The new technology can be a leap to the future of designing, games, and animated movies creating and everyone can enjoy the fun side of the technology by trying it in  This link.

At the end let us wish that people will use the technology in the good ways of benefiting from it.

Guest article written by: Ahmed Wagdy, a blogger that is always looking for new technology and learning about it with the passion of sharing knowledge with people. writing article mainly for Town of Technology 

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