How to Choose the Right Blog Images

One of the best ways of engaging your blog readers is by using the visual content. Research has shown that content which contains images attracts more views than that which is comprised of text only. The right image will create some mystery, capture attention and compel the reader to read through your text. Here are some guidelines for selecting the right photo for your next blog post:

1. Check for relevance

It is very important that the image selected is relevant to the post headline and content in general. If there is no connection between your text and visual content, your blog post will appear unprofessional. As a result, your visitors might lose interest and click away before reading through your post. However, using relevant images doesn’t mean that they have to be cliché. You can manipulate your post’s title to make provision for an unconventional image. For instance, if your post title is ‘How to Write Magnetic Blog Headlines’, you can use the image of a magnet pulling people.

2. Make it compelling

The image selected should not only be relevant, but also be compelling. This means that it needs to be appealing, interesting and eye catching. Remember that the first thing people see when your post’s link is shared on social media is the image. Therefore, if the image is boring and cliché, people might not click through to read the content. You can enhance your images by adding text and graphics using tools such as Canva and Skitch.

3. Check for optimization

Nowadays, people don’t just access the internet using their laptops or desktop computers. This is why you need to ensure that the chosen images are optimized for different screen sizes. The image should look good whether viewed from a computer, a laptop and a smart phone. Fortunately, there are numerous visual content tools out there that you can use to preview how your blog posts look on different devices before publishing.

4. Consider the legalities

Before using any image on your blog post, find out if you have the right to. Some images have a copyright restriction, which means that you could get sued for using them without permission. To be safe, it would be advisable to look for images licensed under Creative Commons. Such images are free to use provided you attribute them properly. There are also numerous free stock photo websites like Burst for example where you can download and use images at no cost, even if it’s for business use.

5. Use your own original images

Most people run to stock photo sites when looking for blog post images. As a result, the same old photos end up being used over and over on different sites. If you want to stand out from the crowd, it would be advisable to use your own images. This does not have to be an expensive undertaking; you can even start taking photos using your cell phone camera. With just a few YouTube tutorials, you will be able to create your own professional photos within no time. If your blog post is on a technical subject, take screenshots of what you are explaining.

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