Tips For Choosing an Academic Translation Services

From college students to lecturers across the university; from marketing subdivisions to overseas language teaching school, academic translation is a whole new world that is distinct and requires special mention. Translators who have experience translating super high-volume content and literary documents tend to work for professional companies. They also prepare technical reports and documents that … Read more →

Medical Translation Services, Its Nuances and Importance

Medical translation is the process of construing medical text and literature into an intelligible rendition that the recipient can easily grasp or understand. It involves reproducing medical literature in a more lucid, user- friendly language without losing the medical nuances that the text carries. Certified language translation may also be required in this process to … Read more →

Should your business rely on Google Pixel Buds for all of its translation needs?

We’ve heard many promises over the years – particularly in recent years – about how translation technology is moving forward in leaps and bounds and how it’s going to eradicate language barriers in no time at all. Sadly (or perhaps thankfully, for those who work in the professional translation industry), pretty much every attempt at … Read more →