Impact of digital technology on education

Technology has a great impact on the material that we use in our day to day life. It also impacts education in general. The things like smart class, LCD projector seen in the schools and colleges are the impact of technology in education. Most colleges including renowned business schools provide the student community with free Wi-Fi connection. The direct involvement of technology in the field of education is more beneficial for students and teachers. For example, the pdf files are beneficiary for both the teacher and students. It decreases the work load of teacher and it is useful for the student by not forcing them to carry heavy text books and the pdf files help the students to share it with their friends. The technology keeps the students up to date.

            With the help of information technology, students can arrange and design their studies according to their time. They can share their ideas each other without any limitation. Digital classes include all type of accessories related to technology. It supports learning and teaching. Digital classroom provide web based learning, virtual classroom opportunities etc. Video conferencing classes help the students to attend the class from their home itself. The option for audio recording helps the students to hear the class repeatedly and it helps the students to revise the important sections in their syllabus.

            Now school/college managements are being forced by the students to improve technology to increase their knowledge acquired from different sources, teachers are also doing the same to increase their efficiency. Now the government also takes some initiative to improve technology in class rooms by foreseeing the future of students. So it is evident that technology has an important role in education. The pressure from the side of teachers and students are almost welcome by the school management because of understanding the importance of technology in education. 

Students consider technology as a tool, similar to that of any other tool which can help them to surpass their limits and weaknesses. Parents with technical knowhow in technological aspects of education provide ample importance and interest in the inculcation of technology in education support the same. Educators consider technology as an innovative tool to transform boring subjects and related topics into most attractive and interesting. In short, it is difficult to ignore the impact of digital technology in any aspect of education, especially within classrooms because regular and uninterrupted backup is essential for the student community to survive in the wilderness of competition.

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  1. Technology, especially the internet has changed everything. During my childhood, if you had a doubt, or could understand a concept, then you had to wait for the next school day. Now there is a tutorial for everything on Youtube. Virtual schools can help a lot a person living in some remote part of the country to acquire the necessary skill, without having to uproot him/herself. I really liked the article. Thanks for sharing!


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