6 ways website design affects your SEO efforts

A well-designed website is good for SEO, attracts millions of visitors easily, and will assist them in finding what they are looking for. Website design immensely affects the search engine optimization sphere. This is why business owners must ensure that their website design helps to boost SEO instead of negatively affecting it.

Search engine optimization or SEO has always been a challenging and tricky concept for webmasters who operate in the financial industry. No matter how much influential your brand is, your site’s SEO needs to follow the same set of guidelines that has been indirectly laid out by Google in order to rank well on the search engine result pages. Being an SEO marketer, you will first need to focus on crafting and publishing superior quality content that will incorporate value to your online business and providing the audience with something that they can look up for. Besides, even the major search engines such as Google has made it pretty evident that it would only rank a website based on the user experience and the quality of content.

As Google has installed provisions for checking the quality of its search rankings and ensuring that its algorithm is doing well, the bots adhere to a set of guidelines that serves as a determining factor for high rankings.

With good search engine optimization techniques, your website traffic will increase and so will your site performance. That said, it is important for you as a website owner to hire professional and qualified SEO experts. And because there are so many people out there posing as search engine optimization experts without the skill and knowledge that is needed, you need to be very prudent when hiring one. Here are six proven ways that website design affects SEO.

Website structure and size

When it comes to the website ranking on the search engines, website size and structure matter a lot. Google will always look for distinctively built websites to provide the best results for internet users. If your website structure is heavy and complicated, the search engines may not index your website. Therefore, it is important for your website design to be simple, minimalistic, and as easy as possible. This will ensure that users navigate your website with ease, find the information they want, and even spend more time on your site.

Valid HTML coding

Having a valid HTML code is crucial for website promotion. Search engines like Google must parse the HTML code of websites in order to find their content and display it in the search results. Search Engine crawlers will determine whether websites or web pages comply with HTML standards or not. If there is any mistake in your HTML coding, then the search engines will not crawl and index your website, and this will adversely affect your SEO efforts. You therefore need to be cautious with your HTML coding and use HTML validator to detect any errors in your HTML coding, and eliminate them.

Page loading speed

Page loading speed is an important factor for the search engines. Most internet users expect websites or web pages to load quickly on different devices. If a website loads very slowly, most visitors will look for another alternative. Page loading speed may be affected by enormous images, unnecessary widgets, double-barreled code, unoptimized plugins and apps, lots of ads, and much more. New York SEO expert will resolve these issues to ensure that your website loads faster, and ultimately boosts your SEO strategies. 

Responsive website design

Today, many people are using mobile devices to access the internet. Therefore, it is crucial for website developers to create websites that are responsive and can consistently perform on all mobile devices and desktop computers. Google favors responsive websites when displaying results to internet users. A responsive website will rank higher in the search engines compared to one that is not responsive.


If your business objective is to have a unique brand, your web design should also reflect this. A website that portrays consistency will make your brand easily identifiable, boost credibility, and create familiarity. The content on your website should also be strategically placed to make it appealing to users and easier to navigate. You should avoid filling your pages with excessive content and leave adequate white space to avoid clutter. An updated, modern website will rank well and attract more visitors. An SEO expert can assist you in ensuring that your website is consistent.

Parallax Designing

Nowadays parallax design is becoming increasingly popular. People on shoestring budgets are using parallax websites to create a strong online presence and boost their businesses. Even though creating parallax websites may be easy and fun for designers, they are not good for SEO. You may have issues with keyword dilution, and your website may not be optimized for several search terms used by online visitors. Additionally, you may have issues with inbound linking because there are no extra pages to interlink. Furthermore, parallax websites perform poorly on mobile devices. To enhance your SEO efforts and boost your rankings, avoid using the parallax website design.

A complicated website that is difficult to navigate will not be appealing to internet users. For your website design to be effective, it should be simple and easy to use. Having an interactive website structure with easy navigation and proper use of images, will improve your SEO. Your website design is important for your business because it will affect your rankings and determine whether you will have a strong virtual presence or not. This is because your design will affect how the search engines perceive your website and how internet users respond to it. A good SEO agency will ensure that your website design boosts your SEO efforts.

SEO is customer friendly. For entrepreneurs, SEO allows you to get feedback on key areas that may need attention and improvement in order to meet and exceed set goals. You can easily connect with your customers and get the feedback and comments that you want from them. Search Engine Optimization is highly recommended for both new and old business owners. It is definitely worth it for businesses to invest in professional search engine optimization services.

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  1. Hi Klaus,

    You have shared some really important points here in this post. Of all the points discussed here, I think page loading speed and responsive website design are very vital. Most internet users uses their mobile phones to surf the internet nowadays. Therefore it is very important to have a responsive website design in order to give better visual content to mobile phone users.

    Thanks for sharing, have a good day. 🙂

  2. Hi
    Very nice post as usual. You have well explained the importance of website design for SEO. Page loading speed and mobile responsive website matters a lot. If your website takes more time to load then the visitor will surely leave your website and will look for another alternative.

    As we all know that the mobile usage has surpassed desktop usage, so it is very necessary to have a website that can also be accessible through mobile devices, tablets etc.

    Thank you for sharing this post.

    Have a great day ahead.

  3. Nice Tips, about page loading speed, google’s Pagespeed and yahoo’s Yslow are excellent optimization tools to improve your site.

  4. Thanks for the insightful post. With regards to page speed as a general heads up google has recently updated their pagespeed insights metrics to work with i believe 3g speeds to all the page speed scores have dropped dramatically!

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