Four key differences between VPS hosting and shared hosting

When you’re in college, probably the biggest dilemma you face is regarding the data plan you use. Alright, I might be exaggerating, but honestly, I faced this problem a great deal and it was hard to make a decision. When I lived in college I shared an apartment with three other girls and we decided to have a shared data plan. It helped cut the cost and if either of us did not rack up on the data, we could get through the whole month without a problem. And the biggest cut is that it allowed us to pay about $25 less than if we all had unlimited data plans. Such dilemmas, however, are easily solved. What if you come across a choice like having to choose VPS hosting or shared hosting? I’d say each has its own benefits and I will quickly elaborate them for you.

Dealing With Disk Space Issues

You see, if you opt for a VPS and your website is in dire need of using tons of space or processing power, you’re facing a problem. Shared servers have a maximum memory/space disks and RAM, and despite no effects of intermingling from other accounts you will have to face certain limitations. In case of VPS hosting, however, you can enjoy more disk space. So if you aim to give your website users the best experience, you should probably opt for VPS hosting.

Better Website Performance

Another major difference between VPS hosting and shared hosting is the performance of your website. I mean, if you choose to go economical, no one can vouch for the performance of your website if it deteriorates. But if your demands are limited and the maintenance you require is easier, you could opt for shared hosting. The configurations options are numerous for those who opt for VPS sharing. Similarly, overall performance of the website in case you opt for VPS sharing will also be much better. You should always choose VPS system if you have high traffic demands on your website.

What’s More Economical?

Some of you might not be concerned with the pricing but if the needs of your website are not quite high, you should opt for shared hosting and save some bucks. The best part is that you won’t need to splurge on the maintenance. However, if you want a better experience you can probably opt for VPS which is a little expensive compared to Shared hosting but offers the perfect experience. You can consider

What’s More Secure?

Another sensitive matter is of security. Even though shared hosting providers claims that they are secure, and they are genuinely safe, you will still need to keep a check because a Shared sever can never be 100% safe. Also, a technical problem faced by someone else’s site can likely impact your website as well. If you opt for VPS hosting, you will save yourself from any such trouble. If your website saved personal information for the purpose of business, you should consider opting for VPS hosting.

Guest article written by: Barbara Morgan is an IT enthusiast based in the USA. She is professional web developer with a passion to dig into Linux servers tuning. She regularly posts at – Managed Hosting Provider in USA.

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