How to Make Your Social Media Marketing Campaign Successful on Instagram

by Guest Author on May 12, 2018

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Organizing a well-planned social media campaign is now becoming essential for businesses regardless of their size and scale of operations. If you are an online marketer and looking for a social media platform that is effective in terms of both cost and great results, Instagram tends to be the ultimate choice. While many will argue in favor of Facebook, it goes without saying that Instagram has more advantages especially being a mobile exclusive platform. With the rising popularity of Instagram along with its number of active users, you must consider this visual sharing platform for beginning your social media marketing campaign.

Here is how you can make your social media marketing campaign a great venture with Instagram:

Use Instagram Stories

The introduction of Instagram stories has had a dramatic effect on the social media channel. If you are not leveraging this feature on Instagram, your social media marketing campaign is not doing well enough. Instagram stories allow you to share images and videos with a validity of 24 hours. Unlike your normal Instagram visual post, you can actually include mentions, hashtags and most importantly, the link to your website. This can help you in transmitting organic traffic directly to your site in a much easier way. What makes Instagram stories a stand out feature in a typical social media marketing campaign is that the content is discoverable, unlike the usual Instagram post.

Employ Relevant Hashtags

When it comes to gaining visibility on Instagram, using relevant and popular hashtags is an absolute must. All it takes is a deep-rooted research or making use of tools to find out the most popular and used hashtags in your particular industry. One more way to get the most sought-after hashtags for your business is looking at the trending hashtags. You can also create your own brand-specific hashtag and promote it all over the platform.

Engage in Conversations

The key to build an effective and loyal follower base is replying to the queries and feedback given by the consumers on your Instagram posts. This will also help you in getting more likes and shares, increasing the reach of your posts. For more likes on your Instagram posts, you can think of availing the services of sites such as stormlikes. Provide relevant answers to the questions related to your business, products, and services. This will show that you actually care about your audience, as well as, it will help you in boosting your brand authority on social media.

Utilize the New Carousel Format

The visual sharing platform has recently introduced a new feature that deals with a unique post format where you can insert multiple visuals in one single Instagram post. Make use of this feature since more photos will improve your chances to market your brand effectively on the social media platform.


Finally, you can also consider post scheduling, in case you are not able to spend the time to post on Instagram according to the planned time period. Stick to these tips and ensure the success of your social media marketing campaign.

Guest article written by: Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional. He also likes the concept of increasing likes on Instagram with the help of sources like stormlikes.

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Lisa July 25, 2018 at 17:34

Great article!

Instagram truly is the best medium when it comes to marketing.



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