Top 8 Upcoming E-commerce Web Design Trends to Adopt in 2018

These days with advancement in the technology, online purchasing has become a daily routine in every individual’s life. In this modern world, people don’t have much time to spare going shopping and buying their necessary things. This situation has given a high boost to day to day online shopping. Many individuals had forgotten when they last used their precious time to buy things physically by going to a shop.

This sophisticated way of buying things has given rise to E-commerce websites online. Now a day most offline businesses have successfully come online and others are further transforming with an E-commerce website. As we know there are large numbers of website development companies, so the consumers are attracted by their previous website works which need to be highly captivating and easy to be navigated. This explains that designing of website is an essential factor as the websites need to be highly adaptable and responsive to all mobile screens. The responsiveness is essential as most of the customers prefer using mobile phones for shopping.

Following listed are some upcoming E-commerce web design trends to be adopted in 2018

1. Mobile E-commerce rising speedily

According to the research, E-commerce has turned to be the second name of mobile shopping. The purchase made through the mobile has become the most popular way to shop. The mobile shopping has amplified the sales of all the e-commerce businesses. The research statistics show that shopping through mobiles is rising speedily. The customers now love to search needed products on the go with the use of their Smartphone’s rather than the laptops. They love to explore different kinds of products in the e-commerce stores. This indicates all the web owners should adopt this rising and the latest trend in e-commerce industry by hiring best e-commerce website development company.

2. Payment through mobile phones have increased

The lovers of mobile online shopping are doing most of their payments through their Smartphone’s, which is executed through the E-commerce payment gateways. If the payment procedure is smooth, the customers are happy to revisit the website. This emphasizes on creating a mobile-friendly e-commerce website with an enhanced payment gateway functionality attracts the users.

3. Efficient Loading and layout will be raised

Along with mobile shopping, mobile data will become the major concern for the individuals. But these days, the packages being offered by various service providers are becoming substantial. The important aspect which E-commerce website development company requires to look upon is about the resourceful loading of the site such that the user doesn’t use their data much in just loading the website.

Therefore, instead of listing 100 products on a single page just load 10 products on it and then just scroll the list at the bottom of the current pages. The E-commerce website which loads efficiently is preferred by customers as compared to other websites that take more time to load as they always like to have more data capacity on their mobile phones.

4. Hamburgers on left will look trendy

Since many years the hamburger menus are in trend and will also continue in the future. You might have seen many sites which are using the hamburger menus. The Bootstrap framework is used for hamburger menus by the designers all over the world. Further, in 2018, you will see the little alteration in the hamburger menu i.e. you will now check the menus on the left. Slowly, some of the sites have started placing their menus on the left such as the google.

5. Use of more Bright Colours

One of the utmost design trends which are needed to be kept in the mind while developing an E-commerce website in 2018 is using bright colors. With the sudden increase of bright colors on the E-commerce portals, this trend has really assisted to catch the attention of different category of users. Thus, E-commerce development services need to prepare and stay updated with the upcoming trend of using intense and lively colors in their web design.

6. Motion Animation Approach

Motion animation is the most contemporary and fresh trend of the e-commerce web design industry. This functionality is expected to turn as the most outstanding trend for displaying items. The utilization of animation features offers better user experience and provides enhanced online shopping practice which is accepted by the design industry.
Motion animation is more likely to be included in the approaching design trends of 2018. As for most businesses which highly focus on their sales and marketing perspectives, need to offer the user with the best possible shopping experience.

7. Voice Search will be Trendy

In the year 2018, the e-commerce voice search will be trendy and highly adopted by E-commerce sites. Integrating this functionality, will take hold of the attention of the user s and boost the traffic of the e-commerce portals. Thus, this aspect will be a favorable shopping trend in the E-commerce web design industry.

8. Swift Delivery and Flexible Shipping

In the forthcoming year, not only supply payment options will be a trend but improvement in the shipping services and related features will also help E-commerce websites to improve their sales tactics. So, that the users can get their products in time and when they need them. Round the clock delivery services will be the upcoming E-commerce trend.


The big players in the online shopping world like Amazon and Flipkart are leading because of their better web presence. E-commerce business is highly competitive, so to succeed businesses need to do their market research well. Also, to flourish in this industry the E-commerce website development companies need to be modernized with the current market and industry trends.

Going through the blog it is clear that having an E-commerce website is easier; however, beating the market competition is tough and much more important. So, for the E-commerce owners to innovate their website design in sync with the forthcoming trends is always needed to keep their current users intact as well as attract new users with the fresh website design features.

Guest article written by: Being an experienced Web Designer at Pixlogix, Sandeep Parihar is passionate about researching on new technologies in both web and social media marketing that could enhance web design skills. He keeps an eye on the latest happening in the web & social media platforms to remain updated with the current market trends.

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  1. Yes agreed with Payment through mobile phones have increased because of well and good mobile phone app, fast internet. So you are right every commerce web store use fast payment gateway and user friendly design.

  2. The E-commerce website design trends are constantly evolving to enhance user experiences and drive conversions. Key trends in e-commerce website design include mobile-first responsive layouts, minimalist and clean aesthetics, personalized product recommendations, and seamless checkout processes. Implementing these trends can help businesses create visually appealing and user-friendly online stores that cater to modern consumer preferences and boost sales.


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