5 Easy Ways To Make Money Whilst Travelling

Exploring the world is a once in lifetime experience, but wouldn’t it be even better if you could do it without the uncertainty of running out of money? Making money whilst travelling abroad means you can have an endless journey during your exploration and it means longer time to create memories at free will rather than staying in one location for a long time whilst you build up your funds. It can be made possible relatively quickly and here’s how to go about it.

Fiverr or Upwork

If you have the privilege of taking around a laptop with you, sign up to Fiverr or Upwork and become a mobile worker. If you’re not too concerned about being interrupted with job offers whilst travelling, you can set up your profile showcasing your expertise and what you can help with. It’s a great way to earn a bit of pocket change whilst you’re out and about.

Work Seasonal Periods

Seasonal jobs such as picking fruit and flowers are always a popular temporary job for travellers who come from different countries. They’re relatively easy to get into if you don’t mind getting yourself a bit dirty and grubby. Explore local farms to see if they’re hiring or need a helping hand to get yourself some extra money whilst travelling.

Bar and Restaurant Work

Considering the number of tourists that flock to different countries, if you find the right area where it’s largely populated there’s plenty of bars and restaurants that are hiring staff during the high season. A great asset to have whilst working in bars is being multi-lingual as you can interact better with the customers. Bar owners will be more willing to hire you as a result.

Work In Resorts Or Summer Camps

Settling for a while in the correct destination means you’ll be able to enjoy working in a resort or summer park. It will be challenging as you’ll be on your feet for the majority of the day and limitations can apply in your contract. This tends to be around not being able to leave the vicinity during your time but it just means saving up your money for travelling later.

Tour Guide

Another one that you could benefit from is being a tour guide. What’s great about these is due to the cultural difference and language barriers that come with travelling, they can offer positions that suit your language. For example, English speaking tours in certain countries are rather popular considering how commonly it’s spoken around the world. You can either do the tour for a few spots or gather a group of people casually and ask for donations at the end.

Whatever you fancy doing for money, there’s plenty of opportunities available for you. It’s just about getting yourself out there and discovering what’s available when you arrive. Speak to the locals where you’re based or do some research beforehand. Just ensure that you have a working visa arranged so you’re legally able to work whilst you’re out there and if you’re unsure about your application, you can discuss the matter with immigration solicitors to gain help before you set off on your adventure.

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