5 Keyboards with Interesting Functions

1. Cleanwipe Wireless Waterproof Keyboard 

Preferred by Dentists

You may have seen this keyboard last time you got a cavity filled. It’s frequently used by dentists due to its ergonomic size and removable cover. The cover makes it very easy to wipe quickly in between patients and because the keyboard is waterproof, you can always wash it more thoroughly later. In an office that might be considered a bit of a splash zone, this keyboard is very useful. 

 2. Silver Seal Waterproof Keyboard Tap & Go

For Sensitive Information

This is the high-security, high-efficiency keyboard. It features a state-of-the-art card reader so that those who need to quickly log in and access sensitive information can be assured they will be able to do so in a quick and easy way. It’s far more efficient than typing a username and password and saves healthcare providers’ precious time.

3. Seal Glow Silicone Keyboard Backlit Magnetic Backing

Stays in Place

This keyboard features a magnetic backing that holds it still against metal surfaces. Along with many of its counterparts, it has medical application, being able to be firmly placed on a wall mount or a mobile cart. It also features Seal Shield’s standard microbial product protection and its lack of cracks or crevices makes it particularly easy to clean. This is a reliable and efficient keyboard.

4. Silver Seal Glow Waterproof Keyboard

For Browsing at Night

This keyboard is an engineering feat to be utilized by nurses everywhere as they power through their night shifts. It’s the only keyboard in the world that is true type, ABS, machine washable and backlit. Even if patients aren’t as appreciative of the engineering that went into this marvel, they will be happy not to be bothered by bright screens as their nurses type next to them during the night.

5. Seal Touch Waterproof Keyboard

The All-In-One

This one is popular with people who have limited real estate in their workstations. The mobile carts and wall-mounted keyboard trays in hospitals utilize these because they are easy to operate without use of a mouse. This also makes for a more efficient disinfection process, because you only have to disinfect your keyboard and don’t have to worry about a mouse. 

Here are the five keyboards from this article on the Seal Shield website:

  1. Cleanwipe Wireless Waterproof Keyboard 
  2. Silver Seal Waterproof Keyboard Tap & Go
  3. Seal Glow Silicone Keyboard Backlit Magnetic Backing
  4. Silver Seal Glow Waterproof Keyboard
  5. Seal Touch Waterproof Keyboard

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