5 Ways Tech Can Help You Out in the Music Industry

The fact that you’re passionate about music, even talented in its production, isn’t something that will automatically guarantee your success. When speaking about joining a music industry, you need to see it for what it really is – a business. This means understanding where your revenue comes from, making a brand and learning a thing or two about the concept of intellectual property. Nonetheless, before you do any of that, you need to set a solid infrastructure. This is where technology can be of immense help and here are five ways how.

Music production software

The best thing about the music industry in 2019 is the fact that there are so many amazing tools that make this incredibly easy. You have everything from the high-end Acoustica Mixcraft Pro Studio 7 and Ableton Live 9, all the way to free music production tools. This gives an opportunity even to low-budget amateur enthusiasts to test out what their design would sound like, without possessing any instrument other than their computer. Even learning how to use these tools is getting easier, which is a huge plus on its own.

Online tutorials

The next important thing about any industry is the way in which you enter it. A lot of people lack background that consists of formal education when it comes to the art of music. Fortunately, there are so many great online courses that can teach you all you need to know about making music. Sometimes, these tutorials and guides come from people with a similar origin in the industry, which makes lessons from them particularly efficient. For someone with no budget, there are even some decent intros on YouTube that you could check out. Still, for those who are serious about partaking in this industry, they need to look for a reliable music production course.

Adequate equipment

As for the issue of adequate music equipment, it really depends on your goals and ambitions. For those who plan to make a simple home-recording studio, there’s some essential equipment to keep in mind. You need a computer (capable of running the above-discussed software), a DAW/audio interface combo. You also need some microphones and reliable headphones. Detachable cable earphones like Shure SE846 are more pragmatic than you think, seeing as how they give you full mobility to roam across the studio, without having to take them off.

Selling your music online

The best thing about being a music producer in 2019 is the fact that there are so many online platforms that give you direct access to your customer base. You merely produce a piece, upload it to one of these online markets and reap profits. Sure, these platforms charge a certain fee, yet, seeing as how they handle all the logistics, you’re left to tend to the music creation. Of course, you can also upload your work for people to download or listen to for free. Either way, you have more options now than ever before.

Cryptocurrency might change the game

At the end of the day, there are some estimates that cryptocurrencies might change the music industry as we know it. First of all, when it comes to trust, introducing a blockchain-based system into the industry might make it all more reliable and more secure. Second, this can make the issue of fundraising and crowdsourcing (which is sometimes necessary for a project) into something much simpler. As for being able to buy music with the help of cryptocurrency, this is something that we might start seeing more frequently, yet, the concept itself is not likely to change much.

Keep in mind that if you’re still just considering the possibility of joining this industry, you need to take a frugal approach. Frugal, however, doesn’t mean cheap, due to the fact that faulty or inadequate equipment may be a strong discouragement on its own. Therefore, you need to find an adequate middle ground. In order to make it, you need to use every advantage you have available, sometimes, this can be achieved through tech.

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