7 Must-Have Tech Accessories to Complete Your Stand-up Desk Setup

by Klaus on August 13, 2019

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Standing desks aim to put proper ergonomics and exercise to work. If you spend more than five hours sitting in front of the computer and you do minimal physical activities, you become an easy target for a sedentary lifestyle and a shortened life, perhaps.

Indeed, the biggest draws of standing while working include burning calories and reducing the chances to slouch. That’s why a standing workstation has to meet the prescribed height and distance measurements for it to be comfortable and ergonomic for the user. 

As it stands, this setup can work at home or in the office. You can buy a ready-made desk that ranges from modestly priced to an expensive-looking one with all the bells and whistles. Or if you are in the wait-and-see mode, you can improvise with tables and brackets and build your own.

Read up on some of the best accessories to add function and comfort as you spend more time standing.

1. Monitor

If you plan to use your laptop, consider hooking it up to a larger screen. The external monitor can be raised to eye level to avoid straining your neck and eyes. Plus, you don’t have to look down to type or see what’s on the screen.

Some also position their laptops such that they are placed next to the external monitor. LCD screens typically have HDMI, DVI, or VGA ports for connecting to the laptop.

2. Keyboard and Mouse

Keep up with your large display through your keyboard and your mouse. Stand-alone keyboards are often more ergonomically designed than the laptop keyboards with the spacing between letters, characters, and numbers.

Computer keyboards also have a complete set of keys that can be used for shortcuts. They also have feet that you can tilt upward for elevation. The mouse will make scrolling up or down, navigating one browser tab to another, and moving from one window to the next effortless.

3. USB Hub

Modern laptops are equipped with ports of every kind, USB, DisplayPort, HDMI, VGA, Thunderbolt, Ethernet, SD, and the like. However, not all these kinds can be seen on one device, which can only accommodate a few peripherals.

A docking station, such as this 10-port USB 3.0 hub, solves this technical dilemma. Ten is more than enough ports to get your files from flash drives and external hard drives running on the USB 3.0 technology.

4. Wrist Rest

Carpal tunnel syndrome can occur if you repeatedly make the same motions with your hands and wrists for a time, among other factors, according to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons.

It happens that a major nerve in your hand gets compressed and thus causes tingling, numbness, and pain in the hand and the arm. A wrist rest won’t cure this syndrome, but it does provide support to your wrists. These pads are often designed to conform to the wrists or are made of gel and memory foam for softness.

5. Desk Lamp

Today’s desk lamps are about providing lighting that won’t burn or strain the eyes. Some light fixtures allow you to adjust the brightness or intensity, as well as the light’s direction. Certain table lamps come with clamps that you can clip on the desk to save space. The LED ones are known to save power and last longer. 

6. Comfortable Shoes

Working shoeless or with high heels on will kill your feet and productivity. Specific shoes offer arch support; you have to determine your arch type to find the best fit for your feet. Most running shoes or walking shoes are designed to cushion the feet and allow movement. Orthotic shoe inserts can also work for foot pain and relief.

7. Adjustable Stool

If you have a nonadjustable standing desk, you will need a chair in between work. Why a stool? It does not have a backrest, so you are compelled to maintain a proper posture while sitting. There are, however, adjustable stools that can match the height of the desk. They range from the conventional ones you see in bar counters to those specifically built for standing desks.

Stand Up to Make It Work

You have likely stood in front of your desk to type something a few times, only that, this time, you have to do it longer. Maybe this change of position is what you need to increase your drive to work or to boost your performance. You can give yourself time to get used to the idea or to come up with tweaks to your work style.

Also, you can get help and support from gadgets and things to make the transition manageable.

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