Image Upscaler: Five reasons to try

by Klaus on August 13, 2019

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Photo editing apps had hooked almost every Internet user. With sets of billion filters, basic tools, and creative options, image apps can be found absolutely on each cell phone. Just imagine even the simplest contemporary device has the picture editing tool by default.

That’s quite convenient when you want to change the lighting or the contrast. But what should you do when you need to resize the photo spoiled by your friend during a vacation in Singapore? Of course, you can crop it using a tool you are used to. Then you will probably get rid of both your friend on the picture and the worthy quality of photo at the same time.

Image Upscaler is an online service for resizing images while saving its quality. It was developed using Generated Adversarial Networks (GAN). First, a huge number of images were uploaded to the app. This way Image Upscaler had been training to understand how the objects and natural elements look like. Now, if you upload a photo to the app, Artificial Intelligence enlarges it and recreates gapped pixels making it smooth and appealing for the eye. As a result, you get a resized picture with a wonderfully natural look. No one will guess it was cropped.

Initial image 300*235

Image after processing 1200*940

Image Upscaler has all the advantages to be placed on a desktop among the other photo editing labels you have on the laptop. It doesn’t matter whether you are an Instagram blogger or a forever-busy business owner. Once you deal with a worldwide network, you have to show off quality photos. Here is why you need the Image Upscaler:

  1. This picture enlarger works online from your browser. It is super comfortable since you don’t need to waste your time and computer RAM for downloading tons of config files. Just catch the Wi-Fi and you are in business.
  2. The app takes care of your time. And patience. The image could be resized within 10-60 seconds. Usually, less.
  3. You can cut out your silly friend from the picture that he spoiled or simply leave the only tree there. Anyway, the photo can be enlarged 4x.
  4. Probably, you’ve already heard and maybe even used apps that work with small size images only. Image Upscaler handles files with parameters up to 2500 pixels and the weight up to 5Mb.
  5. One more advantage of this online photo editing tool is a range of formats it works with. Image Upscale is open for JPG, JPEG or PNG pictures.

Forget about adjusting pixels by yourself, Artificial Intelligence will do it for you.

Image Upscaler is a fast service available for everyone that can resize the image and produce the missing details to make your picture wondrous.

Visit and try it for free!

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