9 Social Media Promotion Ideas You Need to Test Out Today

Social media marketing is undoubtedly one of the most important areas of marketing today. People spend a lot of time on the web, which means that you can use that time to promote your own content, products, or services. Still, other than the mere basics, many companies miss the opportunity to attract potential new clients. Here are some of the ways to improve your social media presence.

1. Recycle

Don’t put all your energy into creating new content. It won’t have the desired effect for the simple reason that it will probably just reach the people who are already following your activity on social media. Instead, try to reuse the old content that you know is good and attractive. Make sure it reaches a wider audience, by spreading the content across all of the social networks at your disposal. That way, you’ll have the content you know works well reach new people, instead of the uncertain content reaching the people you’ve already won over.

2. Optimize your profile

Even though updating your profile seems a bit obvious, many people actually skip quite a few important pieces. Take facebook for example. You can add links to all your other social network profiles into the contact info tab, so it’s easier for visitors to navigate through your material. You can fill out the story part with a short but cute description of your company or your company’s history. Take a really good look at all the options your profile is offering, and make the best possible use of them. That way, all the visitors will be able to find the info they need very easily, and they’ll be more satisfied.

3. Don’t neglect your blog

Blogs are very useful for several reasons. First, they provide you with an excellent opportunity to boast a bit about your company’s knowledge and expertise. You can describe the excellent job done over the previous month, or you can provide advice in the relevant field. The content should be informative and fun, and done with the target audience in mind. In addition, a blog is a good web space for mentioning other businesses and people, which can encourage them to mention you on their websites in return. Finally, make sure you include all the social media buttons on the blog so that it’s easier for the visitors to share them on their profiles and spread the word even more.

4. Organize promotions, sales and giveaways

Sales, giveaways, and promotions are some of the surest ways of attracting an audience. The most effective giveaways are those in which the participants don’t have to out of their way in order to take part. Still, it doesn’t mean that you can’t or shouldn’t organize a more complicated competition. It all depends on our target audience. Giveaways and promotions are great ways of sparking interest in your brand as well. You’ll have something happening, which means your profiles won’t be boring. In addition, the prospect of free goods and services has always been attractive, so it’ll definitely give your number of hits a nice boost.

5. Cross-promotion

Firstly, always out the links to your other social networks on all your profiles. Secondly, don’t hesitate to remind your followers/friends/visitors in general that you provide other profiles they can browse. It can be anything from a call-to-action post asking them to like and share something, to promoting your blog on your facebook page. In any case, it’s an easy and effective way to promote your own content, so don’t forget this step.

6. Use newsletters

If you send newsletters regularly, make a good use of them. Put the social media icons in there, in order to remind the reader that you are present there and that they can find you easily if need be. Make sure that your social media presence is very obvious. Your profiles need to always be a click away if you want to run a really successful social media marketing campaign.

7. Advertise for a target audience

Targeting a specific audience with your ads has never been easier.  Social networks will give you the option of choosing the type of people to see your ad. If you’re advertising for a newly-opened pre-school, you’ll want to reach the people with children. Facebook, for instance, gives you the opportunity to do just that – to show your ad to exactly those people you want to target. It’ll help reduce wasted clicks by excluding groups of people as well. If you’re offering a free trial to new customers, your existing customers don’t have any interest in it, and it would be pointless to show them the ad. Of course, not everybody feels particularly comfortable with this. You may feel you’re a bit out of practice in this regard, especially if you’re trying to target the groups you’re not familiar with. In such cases, you may consider finding a reliable social media marketing agency. The agency can come up with a sound strategy that can really boost the number of hits on your ads.

8. Provide discounts

Discounts work in social media advertising just as well as in the more traditional forms of marketing. If your company offers goods or services, you can promote them by giving discounts to the visitors of your social media profiles. An easy way to do this is to simply offer a reduced price for the goods ordered online. Another good way is to offer deals that are exclusive to that particular network. It’s a great way to attract new visitors and followers.

9. Adjust your approach to the given network

Remember that the audience will probably be different for each social network. For example, you should expect that your contacts on LinkedIn are a bit more serious than your instagram followers. That is great, because you’ll be able to reach a wider range of people, but it also means that you need to adapt to the environment. That means changing the tone and the vocabulary of your posts and choosing the right ways to appeal to different audiences.

These are only some of the ways in which you can improve your social media marketing skills. Try some of the tips and see the results they bring. Still, always remember that this is a highly dynamic area, and be ready to adapt at all times.

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  1. Social media is the best place to get the maximum reach of your promotional strategy in 2019. Nowadays, majority of people spend time on social platforms. That why one must invest properly to promote more on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

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