These Five Apps Are A Major Source Of A Millennial’s Entertainment!

Everything is becoming digitized, to the point that we cannot survive outside of our phones. All the important information is available on the internet and is simply a search away. All one has to do is initiate a click and gather details over the most hefty concepts. And this is an ideology that goes the same for entertainment as well. The idea surrounding entertainment for young people, or millennials, has seen a significant chance as they have reduced their world to tiny screens. So there are a good number of entertainment apps that millennials use religiously to stay sane in this world of competition.

Moreover, nowadays, one doesn’t even require other materials because a phone and a couple of apps have the potential to inform over everything. The current generation of young people is using their phones to entertain themselves; through apps that ensure connection with the entire world. Though, millennials are picky about the different apps available widely as well. This is because they need to cater to their tastes and should be convenient enough with good features.

Here is a list of the specific entertainment apps that young people or millennials are heavily invested in and use for their leisure purposes:


It is for sure that this doesn’t even need to be said because this app alone has millions of followers. There are people that barely use other social media platforms because they are satisfied with Snapchat only. That is quite a big feat! This app is a platform where the internet loving millennials can satisfy all of their interests. You can post content, stories, and keep in touch with friends. The concept of Snapchat streaks and interacting through snaps is extremely popular. Not to mention, it is considered crazy if one doesn’t have a Snapchat account because it has become such a mainstream app that not downloading it seems like odd behavior.


Millennials love listening to music and finding a platform where all their favorite artists are in one place can be a fulfilling experience. The app is gaining popularity because of its easy-to-use nature and the opportunity to support one’s preferred artist’s music. Additionally, one gets to discover new music through the apps recommendations and playlists. Even though, there are a lot of platforms similar to Spotify available for download. But the reliability and overly desired nature of the app actually makes the competition for other apps difficult. Hence, millennials cannot live without having to download Spotify for their entertainment as music has always been a major source of entertainment for people in the first place.


This app is linked with Snapchat as many would know because it helps people create a cartoon version of themselves. Through Bitmoji you can customize a cartoon character to resemble how you look in reality. There are various options to choose from that can ensure you design the character to retain as much accuracy as possible. Then, after developing the Bitmoji character, you can use it on different social media platforms. Using it on Snapchat ended up as a trend that still hasn’t died down. Moreover, this has increased the number of downloads for the app as a whole. It gives people the opportunity to be creative with their wide variety of features to choose from. Furthermore, the app is simple to use and your character can be formed in minutes, so who wouldn’t consider it as an option? It is currently one of the best entertainment apps for this generation.


Tiktok is a relatively new app that has taken the world of millennials by storm. People are becoming famous through posting and making money on TikTok and gaining attention. They are called the tiktok celebrities and many young people especially young adults or teenagers are hoping onto the trend. The app basically consists of lipsyncing to audios or music; it has various special effects and doesn’t have specific age restrictions. It gained significant popularity especially after musically got banned and Dubsmash saw a decline in its viewership. Both of these apps served the same purpose as TikTok. Many don’t appreciate such apps because they can spoil young people to post inappropriate content as it brought the sudden rise in teens uploading their covers of lipsyncing to risky music. However, every app has the potential to turn into a nightmare and become negative influence if it isn’t used correctly. Regardless, Tiktok’s popularity might not be witnessing a downgrade for the coming years.


Tinder is a dating app that is the most popular among all of the dating apps that exist on the internet. This is because it started before any other and now following its brand-loyalty, people just can’t turn away. Millennials are using this app because it simplifies the concept of finding a date. And the mechanism of the app is interesting as well, it asks you to swipe right or left for the people that they are interested in or not. Moreover, you don’t even need to be looking for a potential date to use this app. The nature of it is fun and entertaining enough for millennials to give it the time of the day.

It is okay if you’re a part of the millennial generation or a young person and still don’t have any of these apps downloaded. They don’t determine whether one can successfully fit into the notion of being a millennial anyways. However, a good portion of young people cannot go without having to download these apps. Almost every social media app is somehow downloaded by millennials because of its dire need within the generation. If you want to earn good money, all you have to do is cater to this generation and let the cash flow in.

What do you think of the situation? What other entertainment apps would millennials be interested in? Do you think that these apps are just overrated? Is it a necessity for a person to have all such things to stay entertained? If you have any other apps that you use to entertain yourself then share your thoughts by addressing below.

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