Best Laptops for Web Developers, Coders and Graphic Designers in 2019

So, you’re looking for a new laptop that is powerful enough to do what you need it to do, but portable enough that you can take it with you wherever you go. Well, whether it’s coding, web development, or graphic design, there are plenty of laptops out there that can get the job done.

But as great as it to have options, all of those choices is what makes the entire process so overwhelming, too.

Because with so many laptops available today, and all in similar price ranges, it’s hard to know which laptop is right for you. And nothing is worse than spending your hard-earned money on a laptop that isn’t powerful enough to do what you need it to do.

So which laptops are the best and most powerful laptops available today? And what are the best laptops for web developers, coders, and graphic designers?

If you’re asking yourself these kinds of questions, wonder no longer, because we’re here to help! In this article, we’ll tell you about a few different laptops, as well as what they do best, so you can make the right choice for yourself and your needs.

Now then, let’s get started!

Acer Aspire E-15

Despite being one of the cheapest laptops on this list, the Acer Aspire E-15 packs quite the punch. With 6GB of RAM and an impressive 10-hour battery life, there is more than enough power here to do whatever tasks you need to do.

The reason for the cheaper price? Weighing in at around 5 pounds, the E-15 isn’t the most portable option available today. With that being said, that extra weight comes from a 15-inch screen, which may be something you want, especially if you’re doing graphic design.

MacBook Air

It’s no surprise that not one but two MacBooks made our list. And kicking things off for Apple is the MacBook Air, the lighter and less powerful of the two MacBook choices worth considering.

Don’t let the name full you, the MacBook Air is a surprisingly powerful device. Its 13-inch screen is plenty big enough to work on, and the 8GB of RAM makes multitasking a bit easier to do than the E-15.

At only 3 pounds, it’s great for traveling on the go, and the 13-hour battery life is an added bonus, too. Perhaps the biggest perk to owning a MacBook is the ability to sync is with your iPhone. 

Having all of your calendar appointments and notes are with you on your phone, regardless of where you are, can make things pretty convenient.

ASUS ZenBook

Oftentimes, a laptop is a secondary on-the-go option for when you’re not at the office working on your desktop PC. Or maybe it’s just a backup for when you’re having PC issues, much like a website backup strategy is for your website.

So if you’re looking for portability or an emergency backup option, the ASUS ZenBook is absolutely worth checking out.

At only 2.5 pounds, the ZenBook is an incredibly light laptop that won’t weigh you down on the go. Of course, that makes it perfect for traveling or carrying with you around town, which is ideal for a lot of people.

Despite being light, the ZenBook has an impressive 13-inch screen, 8GB of RAM, and an 11-hour battery life. It compares well to the MacBook Air, although its touchscreen folds into a tablet, which is something no other laptop on this list does.

MacBook Pro

If you’re not familiar with Apple products, the MacBook Pro is sort of like the big brother to the MacBook Air. With that being said, at a little over 3 pounds, the MacBook Pro isn’t that much heavier than the Air, which is worth noting. 

But with a 13-inch screen, and more importantly, 16GB of RAM, it’s significantly more powerful than any other laptop we’ve mentioned so far. Combined with its 10-hour battery life, it’s more than capable of handling anything you might ask it to do.

So if you’re working with demanding programs, or dealing with large video or image files, the MacBook Pro might be the best choice for you.

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge

Maybe you’re someone who travels way too much to have a desktop PC that you do most of your work on. If that’s the case, you need a pretty powerful laptop that you can do anything and everything on without any issues.

You need the Lenovo ThinkPad Edge.

With 32GB of RAM, a beautiful 14-inch anti-glare screen, and a solid 10-hour battery life, the ThinkPad Edge is just as powerful as many desktop PCs. But at only 3.5 pounds, it’s still pretty easy to tote around with you wherever you may go.

There isn’t a program, or a situation, where you should have trouble with this laptop. So if you’re looking for power, and want to use your laptop full-time, the Edge is the perfect choice for you.

The Best Laptops for Web Developers

Well, there you have it! Those are a few of the best laptops for web developers, coders, and graphic designers, as well as a bit of information about what each laptop does the best.

As you can see, you can’t go wrong with any laptops that we’ve mentioned. All of the choices are more than powerful enough to get the job done, so it’s up to you to decide which is the right one for you and your situation.

If you like Apple products, both the MacBook Air and the Macbook Pro are fantastic. They don’t have as many unique features as some of the other laptops on this list, but if you’re not interested in flip-down screens, they’re ideal.

However, if you are interested in flip-down screens, the ASUS ZenBook is more than worth checking out. That flip-down touchscreen makes it great for drawing on, which of course, is ideal for most graphic designers.

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