Your Ultimate Guide to HubSpot Integrations

A customer relationship management system (CRM) like Hubspot can help your business manage its sales funnel more effectively but they’re not without their challenges. 23% of salespeople feel that entering customer data in a CRM manually is one of their biggest challenges.

Fortunately, you don’t have to do all that work by hand. With Hubspot integrations, you can connect your Hubspot account to other services and tools so they can sync your data automatically.

Let’s look at how you can save time with CRM integration.

What is Hubspot?

Hubspot is a popular CRM that lets you track your customers and various bits of information about them as they pass through your sales funnel. It provides a bunch of different tools including:

  • Email tracking and notifications
  • Prospect tracking
  • Scheduler for meetings
  • Live chat tools
  • Chatbot builder
  • Ad management

While Hubspot is powerful, you may prefer to use other tools for certain components, such as managing your ads or maintaining your customer email list. Hubspot’s app integrations let you sync those other services back-and-forth with Hubspot so everything is available in one centralized place.

The Hubspot App Marketplace

Dozens of apps let you connect Hubspot with other tools. These integrations are available through the Hubspot App Marketplace.

When you click on one of the integrations in the marketplace, you’ll get more detailed information about how it works. The Data & Permissions section shows you how it syncs with your Hubspot account.

Some integrations offer bidirectional sync so the information will go from Hubspot to the other service and vice versa. A double-ended arrow indicates bidirectional sync.

Other apps will only go one way, either to or from Hubspot. These apps will have a single-ended arrow pointing in the direction they’ll sync.

To connect an app to Hubspot, you simply click on the “Connect App” link at the top right. It will take you to the authorization page for the other service where you can log in and approve access to your Hubspot account.

Popular Hubspot Integrations

Hubspot will connect with most popular services including:

  • Messaging and collaboration tools like Slack
  • Social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Email service providers including ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, Infusionsoft, and Constant Contact
  • Messaging tools like Crisp integration or Hubspot Intercom integration
  • Billing and payment systems such as Stripe, Quickbooks, and Freshbooks
  • Google products including Google Apps and Gmail
  • Your local contact databases in Outlook or iCloud

Using these integrations means you won’t have to change the systems you already have in place. Instead, you can continue using them and sync the information over to Hubspot automatically.

Stop Syncing Everything by Hand

If you’re updating Hubspot manually with information from other systems you use in your business, you’re wasting valuable time. Hubspot integrations are not complicated to set up and once you’ve got the different systems connected, it’s completely automatic.

Many of these integration tools are free to use but even if there is a cost associated with the ones you need, it’s likely worth the small fee. You need to ask yourself what your time is worth.

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