Myths Surrounding New Zealand Dedicated Server

New Zealand dedicated server hosting solutions will be the perfect choice for users if any user is looking to handle more traffic on your site efficiently.

Why Business Website Bend Toward Dedicated Server

Businesses looking to grow their profits generally need to walk through the precarious tight rope of not being able to invest sufficiently. They also face the problem of making huge investments in overheads. If you are also one such businessman, it would be a good idea for you to go for dedicated server hosting services available at the server hosting market. This will offer you the advantage of having a server that is solely dedicated to your individual business and serve just one single purpose- that is of serving your business website. Just like all the other technologies, there are some myths surrounding the use of dedicated server hosting solutions. These myths should be dispelled so that you can come up with a more informed and perfect choice when it comes to choosing the right dedicated server hosting provider.

Dedicated Servers are Expensive

One of the greatest myths surrounding the use of New Zealand Dedicated Server and in other parts of the world is that it is expensive. It is true that dedicated servers initially came at a high price but like all the other things and due to major advancements made in the field of technology, the prices for availing dedicated servers in New Zealand have come down. In fact, you can now go for a dedicated server are not so expensive. Obviously, you can expect to get what you are paying for. Therefore, do not cut back on making the right payment if your hosting provider promises business sustainability and future profits.

Dedicated Servers are Not Dependable

This is another myth associated with the use of a dedicated server. Shared server environments can be unreliable because of limited access to processing power, I/O and bandwidth. However, this is not the case with New Zealand dedicated servers where the user gets features like Intel Xeon E5540 processors, 2x 1 TB SATA storage, 2.80 GHz CPU speed, 4 CPU cores, 64 GB DDR4 RAM and unlimited bandwidth with 200 Mbps network connectivity speed.

Users Lose Control with a Dedicated Server

There are limited choices and control available due to the presence of hypervisors in the virtual server environment. But with New Zealand dedicated servers, the users get administrative level control and access to their metal machines. This gives users the flexibility of configuring their preferred settings while having the freedom of installing software and customizing or updating the software as and when required. Operating systems that the users can use with a dedicated server hosting platform in New Zealand include FreeBSD, Citrix, Centos, Cloud Linux, and Ubuntu. The options available in the control panel category include Plesk and DirectAdmin.

You should be Technically Sound to Operate a Dedicated Server

Of course, you need basic knowledge for operating any kind of server but you do not need to be an expert at handling the server environment. This goes special for dedicated servers where your hosting provider looks after everything. Managed support is duly available to the users starting from basic monitoring to operating system maintenance, security patches, and upgrades.
Now that you are done with dispelling some important myths related to dedicated server hosting, it is time for you to get answers to some frequently asked questions:

Dedicated server hosting- what is it?

It is a kind of hosting where the server is completely dedicated to the requirements of just one site.

Who is a dedicated server for?

This kind of server environment is perfectly suited to large sites witnessing a lot of traffic.

Is complete control a possibility?

Yes, the users of dedicated servers get complete control over their server environments.

What are the benefits of having full control of the server environment?

 Complete control on the server environment makes way for server-related customizations along with enhanced security.

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