WinX DVD Copy Pro – Best Tool for Backing up DVD Easily

Once for a while, I keep concerned about backing up my beloved DVD collections for a long time to prevent them from some unexpected accidents. Some possible accidents I assume that, namely, they may be borrowed but lost by my friends, scratched by my kitty or doggy, or broken by my naughty kids, nephews, younger brothers and sisters. If that happens how am I supposed to deal with it? To buy 3, 4, 5 copies of the original disc? Does invest a bunch of money on the same DVD really valuable? What if it is a homemade disc?

I have searched ways to copy the disc to various devices to back it up. Here’s one of the most recommended and safest way to back up DVD easily. Keep reading this post and you will know all the details on DVD backup.

Notable Features of WinX DVD Copy Pro

WinX DVD Copy Pro is compatible with existing Windows OS. From Windows 98 to the latest Windows 10 (32 & 64 bit), they all run smoothly in this software. When you copy the DVD to digital files, you are free to watch it on HDTVs, laptops, Apple series, eg. iPhone, iPad and android mobile phones, eg. Samsung, Sony, HUAWEI, etc.. You can copy DVD-Video disc, DVD folder and DVD ISO image etc. to some blank writable DVD discs, namely, DVD-/+R (DL), DVD-/+RW (DL), DVD RAM to back up, export them to varios media files, eg. ISO image, DVD folder, MPEG-2 file, ISO virtual drive and more for later use, or extract video/audio only from the original discs and save them for future edition.

Other crucial functions of WinX DVD Copy Pro are: 

– to detect the corrupted parts of old-scratched DVDs and repair them to the greatest degree with its specially built-in recover engine.

– support making a duplicate from homemade DVD, commercial DVD, Disney DVD – Disney X-project DRM, and other 99 title DVD. 

Real Test on Back up DVD on Various Devices with WinX DVD Copy Pro 

First thing first, we download the software from its official web page and install it with some customized settings in our Windows 7(64-bit) PC. Note that the whole D&I process costs less than 2 minutes, and it is clean enough that no one malicious software auto-installed afterwards. After the installation, then we activate its full version as the unregistered version only opens for a 5-minute trial copy. We make a preferential payment and save 30% money off as it is under a holiday special discount.

Back up a Copy-Protected DVD to Another Blank DVD

Occasionally, I get some DRM-protected DVDs as a present, and some of them are limited editions which are really hard-to-gets again. That’s when I make a copy or two to share it to my friends in case one or two friend(s) of mine want(s) to take it home.

We insert the blank DVD to the DVD-ROM drive, and launch WinX DVD Copy Pro on the desktop. The source DVD file demonstrating is auto-detected by its engine, we select the file under the drop-down menu showing as arrow down button. Note that we didn’t change any of its customization checkboxes below by default. Then we click the Run button on the bottom right corner to start the process.

Back up DVD to External Storage Disc – Flash Drive/ USB Drive

We put one source DVD disc to the DVD-ROM drive and launch WinX DVD Copy Pro. Click Clone DVD to ISO tab under Full DVD Disc Backup Menu. We customize Source DVD and Target ISO file by searching files through the Browse and Save as button this time. Then we hit Run on the bottom right corner to start copying DVD to ISO file operation. After that, we open up the ISO file on Windows and copy them to our USB drive.


If you are on a business trip, bring the fragile disc with you in your stuffed luggage couldn’t be thought the wise move as there are high risk that they get broken into pieces. Back the DVD by copying it to your easy-to-bring flash drive and take it to anywhere you go. If you think the post is helpful, like it and share it to more friends. Or you can leave us a comment if you have any questions about it.

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