Best Chrome Extension for developers and geeks

Chrome is one of the best web browsers. One of the reasons for it is the chrome extensions.

The chrome web store contains a lot of extensions across various categories such as productivity, developers, etc.

So here we present you with best chrome extensions for developers and technology geeks.

Best Chrome Extensions For Developers and Geeks

1.) Colorpick Eye Dropper

It is a very simple tool which helps you to select color values of any element on the web page.

It also contains webpage region magnification/zoom loupe features which will help you to see pixel perfect alignment during web development.


2.) CSS Viewer

Another great extension is the CSS Viewer which helps you to look at CSS property of any element on the web page.

It provides you with all the CSS properties such as font, text, color, background, box, positioning and effects attributes on its floating panel.


3.) Lorem Ipsum generator

It is a Lorem Ipsum code generator that generates default text in case you need some default text as a placeholder.


4.) Ghostery

You can boast about your internet skills in front of your friends using Ghostery extension.

Ghostery detects trackers, pixels, and any other embedded snippet on a website.

You can easily see which plugins and trackers are installed automatically on the web page you’ve visited.

In short, it helps you protect your privacy.

It is one of the best security apps for chrome browser.

You don’t have to register or sign up to use this Chrome extension.


5.) IE Tab

Using this extension you can do manual IE testing without having to install different Internet Explorer versions.

It emulates IE by using the IE rendering engine directly in your chrome browser.

It supports IE6, IE7, IE8, and IE9.


6.) Daily

Technology has been changing and moving at a faster rate than ever before.

For developers, it becomes a difficult task to stay updated.

This is where Daily comes into the picture.

Daily collects all the latest dev & tech posts in your new tab.


7.) Multi-browser Screenshots

It helps you to see how a page renders across different browsers and devices.

Browsers and devices included are:

  • Edge
  • Internet Explorer 11/10/9/8
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari 9.1 (OS X El Capitan)
  • Google Nexus 6 (Android 5.0)
  • Google Nexus 9 (Android 5.0)
  • iPad Air (iOS 8.3)
  • iPhone 6 Plus (iOS 8.3)



Sitemod helps anybody modify a website without having access to the source code and get a shareable link to the modified website.


9.) SVG-grabber – get all the SVG’s from a site

Svg-grabber gets all the SVG assets from a website by quickly previewing it.

It is an open source Chrome extension available on Github.


10.) Similar Web

Similar Web is a great extension for anybody who is into the SEO game.

It displays traffic of websites, the traffic sources, geo, and some more extremely useful info.


11.) Session Buddy

Session buddy is a must have a chrome extension for those who cannot close all those tabs.

It recovers open tabs after a crash or when your OS restarts your computer.

You can organize saved tabs by topic.

Export tabs in various formats such as emails, documents, and posts.

Save or open a list of URLs from the clipboard or a file.


12.) Ratings Preview for YouTube™

This is a great time-saving app because it helps you know the ratio of likes and dislikes to a video.

It uses YouTube’s batch data API, resulting in a lightning-fast loading of the bars.

You can customize the rating bar according to your need.

It highlights best videos on every page with a box around them.

Its intelligent algorithm rates every video with from 0 to 10.


13.) Duckie TV

Duckie TV helps you in keeping a track of what’s coming up and when.

Duckie TV collects data from TraktTV by asking you all the TV shows you currently watch.

Then every time you open a new tab, you’ll see a calendar of which of these shows air in the current month.

With the integrated DuckieTorrent client you can connect DuckieTV to your local uTorrent/BitTorrent client and be updated on the download progress without switching applications.


14) Wikiwand: Wikipedia Modernized

Normal Wikipedia has a very basic and old design.

But by using Wikiwand you can optimize Wikipedia’s amazing content for a quicker and significantly improved reading experience.

It provides a clean layout for optimal readability, improved typography, beautiful and immersive cover photos, larger photos and better media gallery and dozens of other improvements.


15.) Picture in Picture for every website

This extension is for geeks who love multitasking.

It supports YouTube, Netflix, Twitch, Amazon Video, Hulu, Vimeo, Udemy, Dailymotion and more.

Picture-in-Picture helps you to watch videos in a popup window while you are interacting with other sites.


16.) Enhanced Steam

Using Enhanced Steam gamers can look to save money and find better deals on various games.

It highlights games you already own and correctly calculates bundle discounts based on games you already own.

Other features include showing your total expenditure on Steam and games on your wishlist.


17.) InvisibleHand

Next time if you are buying something online then make sure that you have InvisibleHand installed in your chrome browser.

InvisibleHand notifies you if the product you’re shopping for is available for a lower price at another site.  

It also lets you know if there are any coupons available for the store you are shopping.

It compares various sites such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Kohl’s, Target, Home Depot, Macy’s and hundreds of other stores.  

It works on millions of products.



Come on geeks. Let us know what are your favorite chrome extensions?

Do let us know in the comment section if you think we missed an extension/s which you use and think it will help others.

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