Custom Software for the Oil & Gas Industry

by Emily on February 20, 2019

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The specific needs of oil and gas companies are many and varied. A quality CRM oil and gas system will be equipped to balance all of those needs. It will keep you apprised of best practices and help you leverage them for the benefit of your employees and your clients. It will help you differentiate yourself from competitors in your field and stand out as the shining star of the energy industry. And, of course, it will help with the day to day operational challenges of running an oil and gas company, including providing access to remote job sites, managing assets, and complying with existing regulations.

Here are some of the things you should look for when selecting custom software for the oil and gas industry.

Industry Experience

It’s not just a matter of looking for a popular or well known CRM company. You want to work with someone who has worked in your industry before and has an understanding of the unique needs of your customer base. You want someone who understands the details of what your customers are looking for in an oil and gas company. That understanding will position your CRM software developer to tailor your custom software, not only to the particular needs and desires of your company, but with a broader understanding of how how your company works within an established industry. The more experience your software developer has, the less explaining you will have to do along the way.


Experience in the oil and gas industry should enable your custom CRM developer to integrate your new CRM with your existing software without too much trouble. This isn’t something you should compromise on. If your sales reps can manage all their tasks within your CRM, they’ll perform much more efficiently, saving you valuable resources. In addition, employees who see and respect the streamlined nature of a new CRM are more likely to incorporate it into their routine and use it regularly.


Ask potential CRM companies for testimonials from satisfied clients in the oil and gas industry. Talk to others in your field, if you can, and see if they can make a recommendation. You may notice that one company is favored by the oil and gas industry, or that one in particular hasn’t delivered satisfactory results. You can use these precedents to inform your decision.

No matter what your decision, remember that a CRM can work wonders for an oil and gas company and the way you manage your former and current clients and customers.

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