What are the best features of the iPhone XR?

Are you confused with whether to buy the new iPhone XR or not? Well, we have got you all sorted. In this post, we will discuss the top features of iPhone XR that will give you a better insight about the phone. And you may not know that you end up buying it.

Without a doubt, the new iPhoneXR brings some of the best features available at the starting price from $749.

We feel the iPhone XR is the most interesting device when compared to its last 3 new iPhones. It’s a strange amalgamation between its old model iPhone 8 designs and the iPhone X. Read on below to find out why we feel so and know the best iPhone XR features!

1.    Liquid Retina display

Apple iPhone XR is the latest model running in the market. It offers an all-new Liquid Retina LCD display rather than the OLED display but still, it is uniquely beautiful and truly stands out from the crowd.

Apple claims that it is the most colour accurate LCD display available in the market and could easily challenge any phone.

The Liquid Retina display is the first ever LCD display launched by Apple and it includes a Tap to Wake function that easily gets lightened up with finger sensors. Also, it supports the True Tone colour that subtly adjusts based on the surrounding light.

2.    Single-lens Portrait mode

The Portrait mode lenses make it easier for the phone owner to click pictures. Though Apple has just integrated single lens assembly still, it can replicate the Portrait mode effect through the upgraded Neural Engine.

With iPhone XR single camera lens, you can easily detect a person’s face then separate them from the background, the effect on everything by applying a subtle bokeh effect. This will even adjust the fact with Apple’s depth control feature and offer to fine-tune on the amount of blur and bokeh.

3.    Balanced speaker ports

The iPhone XR has balanced speaker ports on the bottom of the device and offer each slide of the lightning port used for speaker or microphone.

This doesn’t offer any change in the functionality but brings a good balance to the phone.

4.    Colourful finishes

In a similar layer to its old models of iPhone 5C, Apple has released the iPhone XR and offering some smattering colour options on both glasses back and metal frame of bright pop colours.

The glass has in-depth seven-layer that represent the colour process and add finishing touch to the Apple-exclusive aluminium alloy. The colour options included white, black, blue, yellow, coral, and RED.

5.    Lightweight aluminium frame

The owners of iPhone X, XS, and XS Max understand and know about the stainless steel metal frame used in the iPhone. For its latest model, Apple has opted for an aircraft-grade custom aluminium alloy with a matte finish instead. This helps in keeping the iPhone lightweight and durable and offers a vivid colourful finish.

6.    Haptic Touch

Though the iPhone XR doesn’t have 3D touch it offers something similar feature known as Haptic Touch. It helps in offering a mimic 3D touch functionality which you can press for long on certain buttons and get 3D touch functionality activated.

When the action takes place, you’ll get the haptic feedback which is quite similar to the technology Apple has on its latest MacBook trackpads.

7.    Dual SIM

Now, this feature is something which many of Apple owners might have felt relieved with. Apple iPhone XR supports Dual Sim functionality but it’s not what you think. Apple new model supports eSIM technology from iPad and Apple Watch, this allows you access to your second number too on your phone without having to install a second SIM.

But before you buy it, check the functionality is available in your country if a carrier supports it. Apple offers major carriers on mobile networks like Vodafone, T-Mobile, AirTel and Jio on board.

8. Longer Battery Life

With iPhone every latest model, they focus on improving their battery life. The latest model offers the most impressive battery performance and can achieve up to 25 hours of wireless talk time, up to 15 hours of internet browsing, and up to 16 hours of video playback.

Why Will you buy the New iPhone XR?

Choosing iPhone XR can be the right decision. It’s perfect in size and the price range starts at $749 for the 64GB model. So, you can order your model now and enjoy the new Apple model with exceptional features. To buy it, you can consider using Souq coupon code and shop iPhone XR at an affordable price.

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