Importance of Pinterest Marketing for eCommerce business

As the greatest online social catalog of design ideas and the best user-curated image search engine, Pinterest has an important place in eCommerce. Did you know that Pinterest has business accounts and that Pinterest marketing is a thing? If you create a Pinterest for Business account, you will be able to boost your brand awareness through a Pinterest marketing strategy and generate more traffic to your website, which will eventually bring you a higher conversion rate.

If we are talking about Pinterest marketing or even Pinterest in general, we will undoubtedly mention the reigning queen of the site: Joy Cho. Her personal Pinterest board later became a brand, and now Oh Joy! is the biggest selling brand to come off Pinterest. Joy Cho’s boards are followed by almost 13 million people. Oh Joy! is a great example of Pinterest marketing done right.

Now, let’s get into details. What has Pinterest marketing to offer your brand?

1 – Pinterest for Business

Pinterest offers business accounts and has a specialized team working on the optimization of the site for brand use. You have to approach Pinterest differently than how you would approach other sites, such as Facebook or Google. Your marketing strategy should focus on visuals and not so much on keywords. There are four basic things that Pinterest has to offer to your business:

  • Visual innovation: People want to get ideas from businesses to figure out what to do or buy next.
  • Actionable insights: Pinterest users have a distinct mentality, and you should learn about what they want to see and how they want to see it.
  • Relevant results: Users are ready to discover, and you can get your ideas to people will love what you have to offer.
  • Turn insights into action: Pinterest business accounts offer the insights that your business needs to reach the audience you are interested in.

Pinterest has worked on behavioral studies of their userbase, as well as on industry research and measurement of results. You can check their success stories!

2 – Discoverable Pins

The way content shows up on Pinterest is completely different than how it shows up on Facebook or Twitter. Content on Pinterest is discoverable for longer, and much more discoverable than in other platforms. This is advantageous for you because you have to focus more on the quality of the content than on the regularity of your posts. This makes Pinterest a great way to make consumer awareness grow and increase the traffic to your website.

3 – Posts with a longer lifespan

The lifespan of a post is critical in digital marketing. The concept of “half-life” (that is the time it takes for content to achieve 50% of its total lifetime engagement) is very important here. If we compare Facebook (30 minutes), Twitter (18 minutes), and Instagram (19 hours), we see that engagement decreases within a day. However, Pinterest seems to be immortal. Three and a half months (yes, months) is the average half-life of a Pin on Pinterest. That means that since Pins live so long, they have a higher reach.

4 – Customer Growth

Pinterest is a great platform that will help you get more traffic to your site and grow your brand awareness. It is not a place where you directly communicate with your costumers or where you close sales. Think of it as a large advertising billboard. It doesn’t only target people that know they want to buy a product that you might offer, but also people who were not thinking about buying that product. In Pinterest you can:

  • Create a fully functioning sales funnel
  • Build awareness of your products and around your brand
  • Develop the interest of your consumers
  • Increase traffic to your store
  • Boost sales in your store
  • Lead users to make purchases

5 – Organic interaction

Getting users to interact with your pins and take action on them is the main aim of Pinterest for business. With interaction we mean different activities, such as clicks on Pins, saving Pins onto a board, and sharing Pins with other users on other platforms. These are all types of organic interaction that just happen naturally and without you having to pay for ads if your content is good enough. At the very beginning of your marketing strategies, the use of Pinterest allows you to develop brand awareness and enhance your reputation. To ensure organic interaction with your posts, you can do all this:

  • Create good content that enhances your discoverability.
  • Make sure that the users of the platform can take action easily with your Pins.
  • Include clickable links attached to the pin that will lead the users to sign up to your newsletter, or make a purchase on your shop.

6 – Engage with more than your followers

One of the main characteristics of Pinterest is that you do not have just a captive audience, but an expanded network to reach. The number of followers in Pinterest is not as important as the reach of your posts, which can be potentially much larger. Every Pin that you share and is pinned by your followers on their boards will be seen by those who follow that person. That means that the users of the platform will not only be engaging with you directly but with your content as it is passed around among the users. Maybe you own an eCommerce that sells clothing items, and one of your followers adds one of your Pins to a board called “dream dresses”. Now all their friends and followers can see that Pin, and it might call their attention to take action on them. That means they can either add it to their own board, sharing it to an even broader audience, or they can click on the link you included and go to your website.

All these features make Pinterest marketing something to really consider if you own an eCommerce business. The way that people interact with content on Pinterest is effective and works in the long term. Check out Pinterest for Business and start Pinning your way to success!

Guest article written by: Amit is an enthusiast writer that covers the industries like, seo writing, content writing, online marketing, and business development. Amit is a vice president of marketing and strategic insights for Solvoguru, which offers high-impact and performance driven marketing and advertising solutions that help achieve optimum results. Viist for more information.

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