From gaming to media agencies, Alibaba cloud is everywhere!

by Klaus on August 23, 2019

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Alibaba Cloud services may seem like the new kid on the block, but they are years old, and in the span of time they have strengthened their reach in the market, worldwide. The unprecedented growth of Alibaba Cloud Services can be attributed to its modern approach and world-class inclusions. A host of firms, irrespective of their background or field of business are trying to make full use of Alibaba Cloud. This has happened simply because the cloud services by Alibaba are designed specifically to be used by every type of company. It has all the right elements to make it perfect for any sort of business. At the same time, apart from the generic capabilities, the modern features and add-ons of the cloud are turning out to be extremely useful for the new age companies. 

What makes Alibaba Cloud so different and special?

Alibaba Cloud is majorly the subsidiary of the extremely popular e-commerce hub the Alibaba Group. At the moment, cloud is undoubtedly one of the most thriving project of Alibaba Group. And, as the project is doing really well in the market, therefore, the company in it, and upgrading it in order to make it the best in the business. The company at present enjoys an exclusive wide range of cloud computing products, and various services which are majorly segmented into different categories like Security and Management, Database, Elastic Computing and Networking, Application Services, Analytics etc. Most of the clients of the Alibaba Cloud are pretty much eligible make full use of the cloud security features. 

One thing that mainly differentiates them from their competitors is their initial target audience. Initially, Alibaba started focusing only on the small business and provided them all of its cloud products and services similar to some of the big service providers. This was indeed a great way to kick-start the business, by approaching the small businesses. Later on, they started diverting their attention on the mainstream businesses and large sized organizations. They only started approaching the large companies when they were sure of their services. When, they were sure that can smoothly manage the huge workload of big sized firms, including the new age ecommerce, then only they started approaching them. 

Here are some of the top advantages of using Alibaba Cloud:

Capitalize on the Global network 

Alibaba makes it very easy for the users to reduce the latency rates, as it becomes easy to deploy globally on the Alibaba Cloud’s international network. A host of data centers are available, which makes it convenient to maintain the workflow of different areas, without any geographical barrier, and with only one global account.

High-end Cloud Security

Alibaba gives a lot of priority to the cloud. Therefore, it is extremely easy for you to protect all the web apps using Alibaba Cloud’s remarkable, anti-DDoS technology. Also, there is this, anti-DDoS protection available, which is basically integrated into all ECS instances, and it plays a major role to keep your data safe. 

Also, being one of the top companies in the world, Alibaba makes sure that nobody messes around with your data when you are using their cloud services. They have world-class international certifications to assure utmost data security. Therefore, when you are using Alibaba, you can be completely sure of your data being saved.

Machine Learning Powers

If you are using Alibaba, then it becomes tremendously easy for you to link your firm with the newest technology in VR, machine-learning or even IoT. At the same time, it also helps you to save a lot of time, with the help of high-end big data crunching technology that they use.  

Listed above are just a few reasons that make Alibaba the best choice for any type of business. Apart from these also, there are a host of other features that make Alibaba a top choice of the people, and people have started to realize that. 


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