Here Are The Different Ways To Login To Shopify

Do you want to login to Shopify with any platform you want?

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While you can always log in to your Shopify account with the help of the Shopify app, there are several other methods of logging in too.

You can even log in from a web browser using the web client of Shopify.

Moreover, there are several security mechanisms such as an anti-robot detection mechanism that triggers when you enter a wrong password. This is to ensure that no one is trying to hack into your account by using the automated scripts for brute-forcing your password.

You will also require to pass certain verification steps if you try to login from a different device or from the incognito mode of the browser. This also triggers when you clear cookies in your browser. Also, make sure that you wait for the verification image to load completely before you click on the verify button.

If you need any help with logging in to Shopify such as if you forget your password then you can reset your password using Shopify. Also, you can take help from the support team of Shopify if you don’t remember the email address that you used to sign up for Shopify login.

Let us now see the various methods for logging in to Shopify. Starting with:

Shopify login on Desktop 

Follow these set of simple steps to log in with your account on Shopify using the desktop client:

First, visit the Shopify login page from here.

  1. Enter the URL of your store and then click on the button that reads “Next”.
  2. Enter the email address that you used for signing up and then click on the continue button.
  3. At last, enter the correct password and finally click on the login button.

Note that if you had already logged in using the same device or computer then you will not require entering the URL of your store and can directly jump to the step of entering your email address.

Let us now see the next method for Shopify login.  

Shopify login with iPhone 

Here are the required steps for logging in through an iPhone:

  1. First of all, download the required application.
  2. When you have installed the application, open it.
  3. Then you will get the option to log in. If you don’t have an account already then you can apply for a new Shopify account by using the signup feature of the app.  
  4. The next step is to enter the URL of your store in case you are operating multiple stores from the same email address. If not, then simply skip to the last step.
  5. Tap the button of login.

Let us now proceed to the method for android which is required for Shopify login.

Shopify login using android

The steps involved in this are very similar to that of an iPhone. Let us have a look:

  1. Start with downloading the application for android.
  2. Open the app once it is installed.
  3. Tap the login button on the app and you will be prompted to the next screen. If you don’t have accounts with Shopify then make one using the signup button.
  4. Enter the domain that ends with along with the email address that you used for signing up.
  5. At last, click on the login button to proceed to log in.

How to login multiple accounts on Android and iPhone

After you have completed Shopify login, tap the store button and then select the option “Log in to existing store”. Then enter the id password and continue with the login.

That’s all about Shopify login.

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