The Importance of Online Education

As modern technology expands beyond human expectations, more and more ways to make life easier come forward. From online shopping to online communication, the world is essentially turning into a global village. Nothing is actually out of reach, at this point, and education is no different.

E-learning, or online education, is shaping the future of education. Prestigious universities all around the globe are now offering e-learning programs and courses, bringing knowledge and education within the reach of all types of students. There are also online platforms that provide students with ebooks, video lectures, animations, past papers, textbook solutions, and other online exam preparation materials.

Everyone is, more or less, familiar with the concept of online learning. What is its importance? What does it offer?

1. Accessible regardless of location

Online education platforms offer the biggest convenience for students, that is being able to study anywhere. A lot of people are unable to continue their education for different reasons: their desired program requiring them to move to a new country or city, or they can’t go to an institute for another reason. There are places where women can’t move about as freely as men, thus preventing them from receiving the education they deserve.  What online learning does for such people is that it lets them learn from a distance. It gets rid of borders and obstacles, making education accessible no matter where a student is.

2. A fluid style of learning

Each individual has a unique style of learning. Some prefer to study late at night, while others study at more strange times. There are students who study while traveling and also those who have multiple responsibilities to manage, along with their education. Traditional institutes do not offer such fluidity. Classes will be held at specific timings and students will have to keep up with the majority’s pace. This is something that students with complicated situations cannot handle, so it hinders their chances of pursuing a quality education.

3. Promotion of independent learning

Problem solving, using intuition to learn, and developing a growth mindset are some of the most important learning skills for the future. Independent learning helps students grow accustomed to figuring problems out on their own, without relying on another person to teach them step-by-step. This is highly important for students in high school and above, as the expansion in course material demands more in-depth study without the supervision of a teacher. Students of this age need to prepare for their exams by themselves, using past papers or other online exam preparation materials. Online education lets students build these skills more naturally by promoting independent learning.

4. Opportunity for disadvantaged students

The world is full of students with obstacles that prevent them from getting the education they desire and deserve. Financial problems, family issues, physical or psychological limitations — they’re a part of human existence. In the past, individuals with such circumstances ended up being deprived of education. But now, with modern technology, anyone can learn freely. Online learning platforms provide an opportunity for disadvantaged students, making quality education more commonplace than in the world’s past.

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