How to Monitor Videos on Smartphones?

We all have a lot of important content, media and files on the phones. This data is important to all the users and smartphone owners. Even when the phone is lost, people worry more about the data than the smartphone and it much it cost them. In this time and age, data is more valuable than anything because it can be misused in a lot of ways. 

Many people try to find ways on how they can track and get access to the important files, videos, images and emails on anyone’s phone. It seems to be really hard nowadays. The smartphones have become securer and the companies pay a lot of attention to the protection of user data. It seems impossible these days. However, there is an option that we are going to discuss here. 

You Need BlurSPY App

Apparently, there is no way when it comes to monitoring videos or images on any android phone. But the spyware app can do this. BlurSPY is the best and the most reliable spy app in the market these days. We have selected this app for its features, great performance and being the most affordable option for all users. 

This app comes with a lot of useful features which make it easy for the users to track any android phone. BlurSPY has been ranked on top for its amazing features. It provides the users with a number of options and features when it comes to tracking and monitoring videos on the phones. Below are the two options users can utilise to monitor videos on the target phones. 

Using Screen Recorder

This is the first and very effective option if the users want to monitor videos on any smartphone. BlurSPY introduced the new feature called live screen recorder. With this option, the users can capture the screen of the phone. When you will turn on this feature, it will give you access to the videos on the target android device. So you can check videos available on the phone. 

Using screen recorder is the best option because it is easier than any other idea. Moreover, screen recorder works flawlessly making it too easy for the BlurSPY users to get access to the videos on the target phones. Screen recorder is an advanced feature which was added to the feature list recently. 

Using Multimedia Tracker 

Here comes another amazing option to track and monitor videos on any smartphone. BlurSPY offers this feature that is called the multimedia tracker. This option is used when the users want to monitor any multimedia files like images, screenshots, videos, audios and documents on the target phone. With this feature, you will get to the videos within seconds. 

It is a by-default feature added to the BlurSPY app. Before screen recorder, this feature was commonly used by most of the users. It is really optimised and offers the best monitoring experience to all the users. This option is very reliable so users should not be worried about anything when they are using BlurSPY app.

Getting BlurSPY App on Target Phone

It should be noted that so far we talked about the options that you will have with BlurSPY app to track or monitor the videos. Now we are going to guide the users about how they can get BlurSPY app, install it and start monitoring the target phone for videos. 

  1. First thing is to subscribe to the app. Users will make a payment to get BlurSPY app for the android phones.
  2. When you make payment, you will be given the download link. 
  3. Access the target phone and keep it in your hands. Now open the download.
  4. Download the file and then install it on the target phone.
  5. Now log in to your BlurSPY account using the username and password.
  6. You can now turn on the feature and start monitoring videos on the target device.

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