How Online Tutoring Allows Further Evolution of Education

Whether we like it or not, the ever-advancing communication technologies are making our world smaller with each passing day. And although this huge cultural shift can have some negative implications, one thing’s for sure – the access to information and education has never been easier and more streamlined. That, in turn, gave way to some of the new and innovative educational methods.

Let’s take a look at some of the most compelling reasons why online tutoring will prove to be the most useful and enduring out of them all.

Education tailored around new generations of students

If you take a deeper look at the current educational system, you will be able to notice the growing gap between students’ habits and the traditional teaching methods that have, in their essence, remained unchanged since the ancient times. Children of today simply have much more initiative and are oriented toward learning through problem-solving more than the previous generations. Online tutoring allows them to do exactly that – get the material tailored around their personal strengths they can master at their own pace.

Giving education a fresh appeal

For a variety of reasons, millions if not billions of people around the world were forced to prematurely end their education. Many of them still retained the will for learning but couldn’t find learning institutions that would suit their current schedules and social circumstances. Online tutoring is eliminating these problems out of the equation and offering all the people who are willing to return to education a versatile learning platform that tailors content and teaching methods to their personal needs, thus giving the whole education a fresh appeal.

Filling the knowledge gaps

As well-intentioned as our education system might be, there is no denying that the learning pace is set according to the needs of the groups rather than individuals. That leaves a huge number of students with large gaps in functional knowledge which they will need to successfully master future lessons. Online tutoring is one of the most efficient remedies for this common problem. So, for instance, if the kid is struggling with math, the parents can hire an experienced maths tutor that can identify these knowledge gaps and create a lesson plan with this specific purpose in mind.

Globalized learning

As we already touched upon in the introduction, our society is becoming increasingly globalized. Navigating the future decades in such a world will require a great knowledge of different cultures, languages, and customs. The great thing about online tutoring is that it gives the students the world at the palm of their hands. If they, for instance, want to learn Chinese, they can find a Chinese native speaker that will teach them about all the nuances of the language and local culture the Western tutors simply cannot.

Opening the field for the introduction of AI

By being performed in the virtual environment, online tutoring opens up one interesting possibility that is very hard to introduce to a traditional classroom. As you have probably guessed, we are talking about the implementation of artificial intelligence into the educational process. AI has proved to be a very powerful tool in the fields of language learning, adaptive learning, analytics, student guidance, and assistive techs. By employing these powerful tools, online teachers can start transforming the process of education and push it into one very exciting, new direction.

We hope these five mentions gave you an idea about the importance and still untapped potential of online tutoring. Of course, the traditional classroom will never go extinct. Their only problem is that they can evolve only so much without the implementation of personalized face-to-face discourse. Online tutoring has the potential to fill this gap and allow education, as a whole, to make the next giant leap forward.

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