Why Open Source is Happening to be Next Big Thing?

Technology is always developing from day to day, The organisations are moving from closed source software to open source software(OSS) regarding Technology and is playing a vital role in all technological developments.  According to the business view – open source technology is a game changer for the market and has an impact on the IT industry from the past few decades. Open source model provides faster and innovative solutions, and enabling organizations to plan their future business infrastructure.

What Open Source is?

Open Source is not a new technology; it has been changing the world for decades to the present-day IT industry. These days, it’s ranging from small organizations to large supercomputers from the website’s software to the companies infrastructure and mobile phones. These projects can be viewed, modified, used and distributed by anyone around the globe with a set of permissions with the licence.

Why Open Source?

“In a real open source, you have the right to control your destiny”. Most of the people on the globe are interested in contributing to open source projects because of the following benefits

Collaboration: anyone can make changes in the opensource projects.
Transparency: Anyone can inspect the errors/inconsistencies exist in the project.
Adoption and Remixing: Anyone can use these projects for distinct purposes.

Why Open Source is happening to be the Next big thing?

It is a known fact the Open Source foundations are becoming the bedrock to deliver enterprise-ready applications. These solutions ensure stable direct for project governance and development of direction releasing the same into organization-hardened solutions.

Some among the major reasons making Open Source to become the best framework are as follows:

Open Source Cloud Acceptance

The open source cloud platform has always been at the top and will leave with drastic changes in the coming years. One of the best example for the open source platform is OpenStack. Most of the businesses use this technology for their cloud solutions and various enterprises approaching these solutions for competing with the fast forwarding world.

Improved software Solutions

Bugs are the main reason for software misbehaving and failure. If the software is developed in a closed environment, then the code has less attention because of insufficient team members and testers. In the open source case, it’s doesn’t occur. The software code is available for everyone, and anyone associating with it can improve it. The open source solutions simplify the code and provide a better solution than the previous one.

Large Community Involvement

For any industry to be thriving, community involvement is essential. When more open source solutions are in the market, then employees also show more interest in the work they offer. Community involvement in the solutions leads to a better future. The community also helps to improve the software expansion and implementation.

Open source can lead to blockchain revolution.

The blockchain technology is popular among the developer’s community.  When cryptocurrency has become a part of humans, it sings that the blockchain revolution has started. It provides accurate solutions to solve problems like security, privacy and authentication. Not only these it can be used in many other fields such as education, finance, transport, etc.


The Open Source has been chaining the world with many businesses both public and private ones are using open source. It enables companies to compete with today’s challenging business world and the Opensource is playing a major role in the development process of all kinds of business applications. Opensource creates a faster feedback loop from users to developers and consumers to producers.

Guest article written by: Sandeep Reddy, Science graduate and been into a technical content contribution for Mindmajix from past one year. He is passionate about learning new things about the technological advancements that help mankind for a better living. His articles focus more about latest trends happening around the world. To know more about Sandeep, you can visit his LinkedIn.  

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