Make Your Party Shine with These Excellent Lighting Effects

One of the most important elements of a great party or event is the flawless execution of lighting effects—whether on the stage or in the party’s ambience. Other factors such as sound, decor, and the actual program have an impact of their own, but you can’t dismiss the magic of lighting. With the right combination of lighting effects, you can elicit the desired response from audiences or guests.

There are various types of lights used for parties and events, all of them adding a unique transformation to the venue. Depending on the type and size of your event, you can use just one type, a combination of two lights, or multiple lighting effects. Check out the common party lights below and choose the best ones that can glam up your event.


Lasers are great for dance parties. They can be spectacular even if used on their own. There are also various ways they can light up a room—creating wonderful effects of different colors. Lasers can be fun to play around with since they can be programmed into a lightshow. If you don’t have the people or the know-how to do that kind of effect, you can still opt for their pulsing or continuous effect. This will still deliver spectacular results.


Spotlights are very useful in conventions or conferences, where speakers or awardees need to be highlighted on stage. In formal parties and curated events such as museum openings and auctions, spotlights can also direct the attention of guests to featured items such as sculptures, paintings, or inventions/devices.

Strobe Lights

Like lasers, strobe lights are also great for dance parties. This is especially effective if you have loud music with a heavy bass since strobe lights can flash to match the beat. Even if the event is not in a club, even if the venue is just at your house or at a convention center, you can make the place look like a legit dance party with the atmosphere of an actual club using strobe lights.

Moving Heads

If you want to wow the audience or guests to a whole new level, grab their attention using a light show. You might need lighting professionals for these effects. Moving heads used to be seen in high-end theaters and concerts. They are now being operated using digitally controlled monitors. They can do all sorts of light movement and are ideal for professional events.

LED technology

Examples of LED lighting are clever heads, image pixel mapping, and video pixel mapping.

The clever head has controlled monitors on the lamp and lens, making it possible for the light to move around in a smart manner. You can preprogram all lighting movements. Image pixel mapping is possible because of very small LED lights fitted together closely. Pixel mapping can change light quality instantly. Even more amazing is the video pixel mapping, where you can map any content from a video loop to a promo video.

Bonus: Glow-in-the-Dark Lights

These glowing lights come in the form of glow sticks and glow-in-the-dark paint, among others. They are most effective under black light, and they definitely demand attention from the crowd. Although they are not your regular lighting effect, they add a fun and pumped-up touch to rave parties.

For events such as concerts, using a combination of these lights on stage as artists or entertainers are performing can deliver a magnificent stage lighting. However, if it’s for a small party or event, it is best to identify the type of event it’s going to be first before choosing the lighting effect you will use. If it’s a formal gathering, spotlights may be the most ideal. While for a dance party or an exclusive house party, the more playful lasers and strobes are just the thing.

Of course, lighting effects alone won’t make your event successful. Careful consideration and planning are still required, especially when you combine lighting effect with the music selection and other production elements. If you are new to this kind of thing, getting the services of lighting effects experts can also be an option.

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