Downloading Free Garmin Map Updates From Garmin Website

While most Garmin map updates have to be purchased, there also free map updates available at times. In order to get the free Garmin map updates, a myGarmin account is required. The steps given below can be followed to create a myGarmin account:

  1. Open
  2. Click on Create a new account.
  3. Provide the necessary details.
  4. Check the box next to Terms of Use in order to agree to the same.
  5. Select the type of communication for subscription and click on Subscribe.
  6. In case of no communication subscriptions, click on Do not subscribe.

A new myGarmin account will be created which can be used to register the Garmin GPS devices and for downloading map updates.

Registering Garmin GPS devices

  1. Open and sign in to the myGarmin account.
  2. Connect the Garmin device to be registered to the computer.
  3. Click on Register located on the Home tab.
  4. Select the device type to be registered.
  5. Make sure to have all the necessary items ready and click on Continue.
  6. Follow the displayed instructions and finish the device registration.

Once the device is successfully registered, new updates will appear for it in the myGarmin account. There will be free as well as purchasable map updates that can be downloaded and installed on the Garmin GPS devices.

Downloading free map updates

  1. Connect the Garmin device for which the free map updates are required to the computer.
  2. Open and sign in to the myGarmin account.

Note: The Home tab shows notifications in case any free map updates are available and also for map updates that were purchased recently.

  1. Click on Order Now.
  2. Click on Get Free Update.
  3. Click on Download or go for the Disk option in case a DVD or CD of the map update is required.
  4. Click on Next
  5. Make a note of the product key and click on Continue.
  6. Again, click on the Download.

The free map update file will be downloaded on the computer and the same can be installed on both the computer as well as the Garmin GPS device.

The Map Update application from Garmin can also be used in order to install the downloaded free map updates on the Garmin GPS device. If you still face any issues then you can give a call to garmin map update support for free update in Garmin.

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