How to rank on Google through on page and off page activities

While the reach of the digital marketing services has reached the pinnacle of success, what a firm aims at is to make its posts/blogs keyword-targeted, SEO- Optimized and something that is ready to drive more of traffic to its website. Also they aim at making it easy for the search engines to understand the keywords and rank their pages better.

  Here in this blog we will discuss about the secrets of making your blog post keyword targeted. Now as we speak of optimizing a website or a blog post, there are two major factors that play a crucial role:

  • On-Page Optimization.
  • Off-Page Optimization.

Here we will focus on on-page optimization, and we will be sharing a lot of on-page SEO techniques that a business should implement while it works on optimizing its blog post. Firstly let us clear our basics of on-page SEO Optimization and Off-page SEO optimization.

  • On-Page SEO optimization refers to the optimization of the complete website. Optimization includes factors like site mapping and setting structures of permalink.
  • Off-page SEO optimizes content to make your website more popular on the internet, so that it can gain more visibility on the internet. Off Page SEO techniques help to improve the website position in the Search Results.

Below mentioned are the few on page optimization techniques that can be implemented for the better ranking in 2018.

  • Blog Post title:

Blog post title is a very crucial factor when it comes to on-page SEO factor. The reason for this is that the more attractive and optimized your blog title is, the more number of people will click and go through it. And the more amount of clicks your post receives, the higher it will rank.

A business should try to make use of the targeted keyword or a phrase in the beginning of the title of the blog. In case if this is not possible then one should endure it usage anywhere but in the title of the blog. Also you should keep a check if they are not repeated more than once in the title of the blog. Generally businesses tend to believe that if they stuff keywords in the title, it may help them to rank higher but it won’t. Moreover, it may have a negative impact on your ranking.

  • Keyword Density:

While in the course of digital marketing for your business, you should keep the density of keywords up to 1.5%. While inserting keywords in your blog or any post, also make sure about where you place them. For better results, you must place the main keyword in the first paragraph and then one in the last paragraph. Also look for an appropriate place in the middle of the content and use it. 

  • Meta Tags:

One must ensure usage of unique and relevant Meta description with each of the blogs that it updates. Also, you should use targeted keywords in the Meta description, but don’t stuff keywords in the same. One need to write Meta description that is user friendly and it can add some sense to your post. Considering the importance of Meta description, search engines like Google have made it clear that it is of zero importance but some like Bing may lay a little emphasis on the same.

  • Images:

Optimizing images on your blog post can help to drive in a huge amount of traffic from the image search. Keywords that are used in the image title and the alt text help in making your blog post more focused and one that is more targeted. But out of all of this, something that is of major importance is that Images in blogs create more engagement. And more engagement a post drives from a user, it is more likely that the user may stick around your blog, and this will increase the overall rank.     

  • Word Count Per Post:

Blogs that do not have a high number of words don’t perform well on the search engines. The reason behind this is that they are not very informative. Writing blogs with minimum 500 words is a good standard.  It is always better to put on blogs that have well-researched information then providing less information. One should analyze the posts/blogs present on the platform before publishing their posts.

  • Internal and External Linking:

Providing internal links to your blog will help the readers to spend more time on your post, and also it will help in enhancing the rank of your webpage. While you are interlinking your blog with your website, always try to make use of the keyword as an anchor text, but also see that they are not used more than required. Relevant Internal links show the search engines that you are giving detailed information on what content you are displaying. But always keep in your mind, that internal linking is relevant and also very essential.

Apart from internal linking, it is also a great idea to link out to the external websites also. Also if you are doing this, then you need to make sure that websites are relevant also the trusted ones. And use the do follow links for the trusted websites only.

Below mentioned are the few off page optimization techniques that can be implemented for the better ranking in 2018.

  • Creating shareable content:

It is self implied that Engaging content is always the king when in the Search Engine Optimization. Developing engaging and shareable content is one of the smartest ways to generate more and more organic backlinks to your website or the blog post. Undertake research from time to time and always make sure that you keep your content fresh and updated.

  • Reaching the Influencers:

You are on a constant effort to keep generating content on a daily basis. Now, if you have created any kind of content that can be appreciated and share worthy, then you should reach out to the influencers in the concerned department without a thought. Ask them to check your blog content and ask them to receive links in return. Always ensure that you receive links from the domains that hold relevance for you.

  • Social Media Engagement:

One of the major off page SEO technique that drives traffic is Social Media Engagement. If you intend on making your business known and popular, then make sure that you engage with multiple people on various number of social media platforms. Social Media Marketing of your business will help your business to grow and also it will allow you to receive more backlinks.

  • Contribute as a guest author:

There are various number of blogging sites that are open for guest posting. For the purpose of guest posting, you need to write an amazing piece of researched information and then reach out to the blogging websites that allow guest posting. In general cases, certain bloggers pay attention to the number of links, but what one must do is to focus on the number of quality links.   

  • Question and Answers:

One of the best ways that a business can generate a high amount of traffic is through the questions and answers on their social media platforms. Try to join the question and answer discussion and lookout for questions that are related to your business and make efforts in answering them. Give clear and simple answer to the queries and also make it a point to add the link to your websites. This will ensure the visibility of your business.

  • Article Submission:

Submit your blogs or article on submission directory that has high PR. You can also make it a point to attach the link to your website in this blogs or articles. But before posting your blog or article, what you need to ensure is that the content developed by you should be unique, simple, user friendly and of high quality. Content that is of a lower quality and involves key word stuffing has greater chances of getting rejected. So always choose an appropriate category and ensure giving good title to your content.


An appropriate on-page and off page SEO optimization strategy will play a crucial role in securing a good ranking on the search engines. Search Engine Optimization is one of the techniques that is used in order to improve traffic to a website, by securing a high rank placement in the Results page of the Search Engines, namely, Google, Bing, Yahoo and Others. The above mentioned SEO blueprint will help you in securing thousands of impressions and visitors each month. The above mentioned tricks are proven to create amazing content that will be preferred by search engines. The states tricks will being in the perfect SEO in no time and also you will be able to generate traffic with minimal effort and also generate a huge amount of leads for your business.

Guest article written by:  Loretta Brown is part of Digital marketing team at GR Imagine working as a problogger, Inbound marketing in GRimagine. GR imagine serves in providing SEO services, Digital Marketing services, graphic design and web design & development company in Ahmedabad. At GR Imagine, we’ve experienced and creative team experts who know what it takes to reach your audience in the digital as well as in the real world. Follow GRImagine at LinkedIn

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