Reasons why Amazon can help you export your products

People nowadays are spending more and more money online thanks to the growing popularity of eCommerce and the advancement of internet shopping which allows buying to happen anywhere, anytime. With the extensive opportunities provided by these trends, numerous retail entrepreneurs are interested in expanding their businesses to a global scale via online marketplace. Amazon ranks as one of the top and most well-known marketplaces that has a huge customer base and provides sellers with a vast opportunity to reach hundreds of millions of ready-to-buy consumers from all over the world. As a professional online market platform, Amazon has a facilitating system to help retail business owners export and sell their products to customers worldwide easily.

The important service offered is Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), which is an outsourced solution that allows Amazon marketplace sellers to use Amazon’s advanced fulfillment network to overcome the logistic challenges and complete their selling transactions. In addition, FBA program is one of the most effective ways to grow your business as it is cost effective and can make your stores look more reliable and trustworthy to the eyes of potential buyers, which will result in more sales. Having enrolled in the program, the sellers will be allowed to keep their inventory in Amazon’s fulfillment centers worldwide while Amazon provides services such as warehousing, order fulfillment, return and refund management and customer service. If you are an Amazon seller in the FBA program, after creating your product listings and preparing your products, the next process is shipping your listed products to Amazon warehouses. And when a customer orders your product, Amazon will handle the packing, delivering, and tracking the order for you.

Utilizing the FBA service also provides a benefit of business scalability. For those who manage order fulfillment by themselves, the growing sales can mean the growing need for investment on warehouse capacity expansion and freight-forward shipping cost, not to mention manpower needed for packing products. Yet, with an attractive deal of FBA, Amazon sellers will be eligible to unlimited storage space for the FBA listings as well as special discount on shipping prices when sending their inventory to Amazon. And with hundreds of Amazon’s fulfillment centers all over the world, the customers will get the products delivered to them in a short amount of time. As Amazon takes care of those important concern for you, you will have time to focus on growing your business.

Moreover, Amazon’s Prime customer base and FBA system work well together to help increase the chance of sales for Amazon sellers. Qualified FBA listings will be displayed with the Prime logo, which tells customers that those products are eligible for free shipping for Amazon Prime members and guarantee for fast delivery. At present, Prime customers account for the biggest portion of Amazon’s customers and Amazon Prime is creating an enormous loyal customer base for Amazon marketplace. The free two-day shipping on all FBA products is a great incentive that can lead to increasing sales.

However, there are still challenges for businesses that want to use FBA service. Certain steps need to be taken to manage and prep the inventory that will be sent to Amazon FBA. Amazon has strict guidelines and requirements on how to prepare and ship the products and this process could be difficult and time-consuming. Fortunately, those businesses can choose to outsource those tedious tasks to eCommerce managed solutions providers and full solution end to end eCommerce companies that have extensive experience and knowledge in this business. These eCommerce solutions providers offer services such as FBA Shipment management and freight forwarding to FBA which include product fulfillment conversion, FBA prep and inspection service, barcode labeling, shipment creation, and stock packaging as per Amazon’s guidelines before shipping your inventory to Amazon’s warehouses.

Elevate is a one-stop eCommerce full-service Amazon agency that offers a full range of eCommerce managed services, online brand management and digital marketing for businesses looking to increase sales revenues and profitability on Amazon. We have extensive experience in Amazon seller account management including content writing, photography and graphic design creation, marketing and logistics. And one integral part of our end-to-end managed service proposal for Amazon sellers is Amazon FBA Seller Management and shipping and freight forwarding services that encompass the entire process of managing your inventory in Amazon fulfillment within any country, including the administrative tasks of paperwork for customs clearance. We will manage the FBA shipping via our freight forwarding services at a competitive rate or via a customer nominated freight forwarding agent and ensure the shipment reaches its destination and the stock is received into FBA Amazon inventory. We offer a full-service fulfillment solution for shipping from Thailand to FBA warehouses Should any issue arise along the way, Elevate’s experienced team of shipment management experts will work with Amazon to resolve any issue. Leave those tasks for us and rest assured your business is in good hands!

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