How Can You Recover Data from Failed Storage Spaces Successfully

Many users are suffering from data loss due to failed Storage Spaces. They need to recover files from the broken storage but they don’t know how. Just like this true example:

Recently, I found my hard drive (a mirrored Storage Space) failed. A message popped up asking me how to do about it. I checked the drive, only finding all data (including docs, images, videos, and so on) was gone.

What is Storage Spaces on Windows 10? Theoretically speaking, it’s a technology that has been widely used to Windows 10 to protect files from hard drive breakdown. In real life, users often encounter the situation that the Storage Spaces failed and they are eager to recover data from failed Storage Spaces.

Of course, it is possible. And you can make it easier to recover files from Storage Spaces as long as you make use of a powerful recovery program. In addition to this, other useful tips you can get after reading the post. Be patient and spend 5 minutes to go on reading.

Several Reasons for the Problem of Failed Storage Spaces

First of all, I will list some commonly seen Storage Space errors in this part. In general, you may see the following error messages.

Error 1: Inaccessible; reconnect drives

This is a common when caught in failed Storage Spaces. It can be caused by various reasons, but change in storage pool configuration is the most possible one.

Error 2: Low capacity; add drives

This warning message also arises – no capacity; add * drives (* represents the number of needed drives).

Error 3: Inaccessible; check the Physical drives’ section

Error 4: Reductive resiliency; check the Physical drives’ section

You may receive this error when one or several drives are included in the redundant spaces (mirror or parity) with lose connection.

How to Recover Data from Failed Storage Spaces with Technical Tool

Running CHKDSK on the Storage Spaces is a way to fix the disk problems. However, it may fail and bring data loss from the disk. So, the best solution is recovering data first, and then trying to fix the Storage Spaces problems. Here, I’d like to guide you the way to recover data from the failed Storage Spaces.

First of all, you need to choose a data recovery application, which is able to recover files from Storage spaces. MiniTool Power Data Recovery is really a nice option. And you can use for free with the trial edition.

Then, you need to continue these steps:

  1. Run the recovery utility to get the main interface (as shown in the following). Select Hard Disk Drive to go on.
  2. Make sure which drive in Storage Spaces crashes and contains data to recover, and then scan it by clicking the Scan button. The full scan may last for a period of time. Just take it easy.

  3. When the scan finishes, you can browse the scan results of each folder to check and select what files you need.
  4. Confirm all the needed files and click on the Save button to save them to another safe drive.

In the end, I will tell you if you make use of the free edition, you can scan your drive and preview the scan results, and even recover 1 GB data for free. And you can upgrade it to the full version to save more files. We hope this tool can help you recover data from failed storage spaces as well as other cases.

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