SEO – How It Has Evolved And What You Need To Do To Stay Ahead

Web design standards have broken barriers in recent years with a glut of interactive technology, multimedia-friendly platforms, and of course social media. SEO is no longer as simple as throwing in some descriptions and adding keywords. But you already knew that, did you? So how do we optimize our websites so that they hit the top ranks on Google (and other search engines) and get us the traffic we want.

What Is In Store For SEO Marketers?

2018 continues the trend of algorithms getting smarter. The search engine algorithm is basically the omnipresent and increasingly smart entity that decides whether your website is relevant to a user search query or not. The core factors remain directly related to user experience – content, speed, and keywords.

However, the spectrum of search has increased drastically and you will have to tweak and in some cases overhaul your SEO strategy to keep up with the times. The search engines now have multiple elements that can be leveraged to promote your business.

The DIY age of search engine optimization is over – experts like Submitcore now offer complete suites that are too complex and time consuming for regular marketers to perform. To understand more about the new age of SEO – here are some useful pointers.

Voice Search

Voice search is only going to grow. Smart speakers are now a regular fixture in many American homes and the trend is similar worldwide. What happens when potential customers type less and speak more? The types of phrases change to a more conversational tone and there are likely to be more questions involved.

Those who are advertising local services need to pay extra heed. Build content on keywords that are likely to be voice search phrases along with your regular list. This will help you stay ahead of the curve.

Mobile First

It is official now. Google has introduced a change in its algorithm that prioritizes mobile compatibility and user experience even more than in previous years. To maintain your rank and increase visibility, you need to optimize both desktop and mobile versions so the same content and speed experience is available in both. If you have a separate mobile website with limited content, it is time to bring up to the same detail as the main version.

Reselling Option For SEO Businesses

If you are an SEO marketer with multiple clients or are involved in digital marketing as a third party then SEO reseller packages like this one from Submitcore will open up a brand new avenue for your business. Save time and resources while expanding your own brand by using the ample resources available from an established team of SEO experts.

SEO is always evolving. It bends and grows according to the whims of the search engines, which in turn are primed to get smarter and create a more seamless user experience. It is an exciting and potential-filled world to be part of if you stay up to date with things.

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