The Ultimate Guide to Hi-Tech Home Security Camera Systems

Navigating the sea of today’s hi-tech home security camera systems can seem daunting if you’ve never braved these waters. With new models and features coming out every year, the smart home security market has skyrocketed to become a multi-million dollar industry.

Just those facts alone can alarm the common consumer just thinking about all of the bells and whistles featured on some of the most top-of-the-line security camera systems. But don’t worry, this guide is designed to help you sort through some of the features of the most hi-tech security camera systems on the market. Let’s take a look at some of the features and benefits smart home technology can provide in a camera security system, and take a look at both Lorex’s new diurnal wire-free camera security system and the Nocturnal camera system.

Lorex’s New Dirunal Wire-Free Cameras

Easy, Wire-Free Installation

Lorex’s new Diurnal Wire-Free cameras are the perfect security camera system for any home. The hassle-free system doesn’t require long cables to power them, making them perfect for either indoors or outdoors. You can put them pretty much anywhere you want and change locations as often as you want without the headache of worrying about running cables to power outlets. So, if you usually have them in the front yard, but you’re having a party or event out back, you can easily make the swap.

Long Distance Wireless Range

The Diurnal security system can record up to 600 feet away, which is perfect for any dwelling, whether urban or rural. You can also use it to monitor detached buildings or secure it along distant fence lines. This technology also comes with the ability to reduce the amount of interference from nearby Wi-Fi or mobile signals. This type of system can help increase security by producing a channel hopping sequence generated by the receiver that only your camera can follow.


The Diurnal Wire-Free security cameras are built with a unique thermo-sensor that detects motion patterns from warm objects, like animals, people, and even vehicles. Whenever someone or something goes by, the motion sensor detects a change in the ambient infrared energy levels and sends a signal to begin recording back to the camera. A thermo-sensor reduces the number of false alarms by ignoring moving objects without a heat pattern. These cameras also come with infrared night vision and six LED bulbs that can project light up to 150 feet in front of the cameras.

Lithium-Ion Battery Power

The Diurnal Wire-Free security camera system comes with top-of-the-line lithium-ion battery power packs designed for high-drain devices like security camera systems. These battery packs can last up to six months before needing a charge, as long as the camera is placed in a low-traffic area. For example, your backyard might be considered a low traffic area, but a busy storefront in a plaza wouldn’t.

4K Nocturnal Camera Systems

Long Range Night Vision

The 4K Nocturnal cameras provide a whole new level of security by capturing amazing night color video with amazing detail. You’ll be able to see crucial details, such as the color of cars, clothing or hair up to 275 feet away. But be sure to use plenty of ambient lighting for best results. In complete darkness, the cameras record in black and white. Consider adding some external lights around your cameras to add further contrast.

4K Ultra Resolution

The 4K Nocturnal cameras come with an amazing pixel ratio that’s 10X better than 1080p, providing high-quality video resolution that depicts clearly outlined and identifiable features. The 4K Nocturnal camera system provides amazing color depth with vibrant, precise footage that can help you make out helpful characteristics, such as facial features and other critical details even in the dark of night. This system uses a wide-angle lens that gives you an expansive field-of-view. So if you ever have an incident on your property, you’ll be able to digitally zoom in further on distant objects when analyzing video footage.

Additional Features

Not only does this security system come packed with the above features, but it’s also weatherproof, meaning it can sustain sub-zero temperatures. It’s also dust and waterproof, meaning it can survive heavy rain and snowfall, as well as extreme heat. This technology also comes with a 140-degree ultra wide angle lens, perfect for monitoring front or backyards and capturing movement earlier. The built-in microphone allows for two-way talk between you and the person in the area you’re recording.

Choosing Your Camera Security System

Before making a decision, think about your individual and/or family needs. Do you need a security system designed for motion detection, or would you prefer constant recording? Do you need cloud storage or would you prefer to store your video on your local DVR? Do you need two-way talk so that you can speak to whoever is on the monitor? Consider that and more when choosing the right camera security system for your home.

Making the decision to secure your home with the help of a hi-tech home security camera system can give you the peace of mind you need to feel completely protected. With features like long distance range, high-quality video resolution, two-way talk, and thermo-sense motion detection, you’re sure to feel safer and more secure knowing your family is protected in case of an emergency. Protect yourself and your family with a home security camera system that aligns with your personal needs. With Black Friday around the corner, you have even more to look forward to from Lorex’s line of home security camera systems.


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