Don’t Make These Technology Mistakes Within Your Small Business

It’s a good time to be a business owner.

Technology has moved on apace, so while once upon a time you may have been forced to use manual paper and ink processes and limited technologies within your business, you now have a whole host of software programs, downloadable apps, and cutting edge machinery to make your life easier. As we said, it’s a good time to be a business owner.

Still,, you need to be responsible iny your relationship with the technologies available to you. Mistakes can be made, and we will list some of them below. Read them, heed them, and make every effort to avoid them.

Mistake #1: Not researching how technology can help you

Today there are software programs and apps for nearly everything. By installing them onto your computers and smart devices, you can run your accounts at the touch of a button, manage your leads better, and organize your staff team. You can install chatbots onto your computer to improve communication with your customers. And there are all kinds of widgets and plugins that will help you to improve your website. Therefore, if you are still reliant on outdated processes, and if you haven’t researched the latest technologies that your business rivals might currently be using themselves, then you owe it to yourself to take a look at what’s out there. Follow the previous links we have provided and then do a Google search to get a handle on the latest and greatest tools to help you in business.

Mistake #2: Failing to take security seriously

Oh sure, you might have locks on your windows and doors, and you might even have a CCTV camera installed within your business premises. But what about your computer? Online security breaches are increasingly common, and while these are often targeted at large businesses, you need to know that hackers will also attack your small business too. Why? It’s because you are less likely to have the right protection, as being a small business owner, you might wrongly assume you are safe and off the cybercriminal’s radar. This isn’t the case, and once you have been hacked into, your sensitive information will be breached, and this could prove catastrophic for both you and your customers if their account information is stored on your servers. Check out our cybersecurity tips, and then make every effort to secure your computers before a hacker comes knocking (or rather barges in) at your virtual door.

Mistake #3: Ignoring software updates

You have a lot to do in the day, so whenever a popup arrives on your computer reminding you to do an update, you might hit the reject button because you don’t want the inconvenience of waiting to use your computer while the updates download onto your system. And while we can appreciate your doing so, your business will only suffer if you don’t. For example, you might receive an update reminder from your antivirus provider, and if you don’t download it, you might miss out on important security patches. And you might receive a reminder to update the various pieces of software that you use to run your business, and if you don’t download them, you might miss out on exciting new features that could help you to better streamline your day and improve your business. Our advice is this. When you know you won’t be using your computer for a while, perhaps when you have finished work for the day or when you are about to attend a business meeting, time these updates to download during your away time, as this way, you shouldn’t be too inconvenienced by them.

Mistake #4: Not backing up your data

When did you last back up your data? If your computer suddenly shut down, perhaps permanently, you might struggle to retrieve your files, documents, and other pieces of information that might be necessary for the day-to-day running of your business. In some cases, your data might become corrupted and lost forever. In other cases, they might be salvageable but you might need to hire an I.T. professional to help you retrieve them. In both cases, this could prove costly for your business. Play it safe then, and look for ways to back up your data, using the cloud, USB sticks, and NAS Devices (see the linked article), to save your precious documents. 


Mistakes can be made; we get it. However, when it comes to the errors we have mentioned in this article, they could prove costly to your business. Take heed then, and if you are guilty of any of the mistakes we have mentioned in this article, put things right before you suffer the consequences to your business.

Thanks for reading.

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