Different Ways To Boost E-Commerce Sales During Festival Season

Festivals are undoubtedly the best time of the year. When everyone is busy making special arrangements, to create cherish-able moments, e-commerce platforms are busy finding out new and effective techniques to boost their sales. 2019, like every other year has a prolonged list of long weekends and holidays.

Festival season creates a feeling of anxiousness, in every e-commerce platform, as they want to enhance their e-commerce sales, by implementing different strategies, which is a difficult task, as every other portal is trying to do the same during the festive season.  

Therefore, it is extremely necessary for these portals, to curb the market completion, and hence come up with different ingenious ways to enhance sales during the festive season. Below mentioned are some of the techniques, adoption to which lead to improved revenue generation, especially during the festive season.

1. Creating festival themed content

Drawing the attention of the customers towards the online shopping portals, when they are completely soaked in the happiness and the excitement, is an excellent time to focus on the marketing techniques. And one of the excellent strategies, is to feature festival themed goods and services. For example, if a festival is approaching, online shopping portals can increase their sales, and hence enhance their revenue generation, by offering the customers discounts, on behalf of the same. Practicing such techniques during the festive season, help improving sales.

2. Social media marketing

In today’s world of blooming technology, e-commerce platforms during the festive season, can promote their special offers and discounts on numerous social media platforms. This technique enables the platforms to reach a larger customer base. Since people are extremely active on every social media platform, such social media marketing strategies create a stir and attract more customers and more sales.

3. Referral cards

Referral cards simply means, a personal code allotted to a particular person by online shopping portals, which can be shared with anyone, usage of which increases/adds points to the account of that person. Referral cards are known to create eagerness among the customers, that multiply sales during these auspicious occasions. Portals can use referral cards as a magnet, and attract potential customers. Since customer shares the referral code with family and friends to gain more points, it amplifies the sales in an indirect manner.

4. Gifts and Rewards

To establish a personal connection with the customers during special occasions, online shopping platforms can send unexpected gifts, whenever the customer makes a purchase from their portal. The gift can be anything from greeting cards to coupons.

People during special occasions, shop in bulk. Therefore distributing rewards when a customer crosses a fixed limit is another way to enhance sales.

Customers also visit online shopping store in Saudi Arabia, when they want to buy gifts for their near and dear ones, so making a vertical especially for personalized gifts surely helps.

5. Using previous data

E-commerce shopping platforms, to enhance their sales can fetch out previous year’s data to improve their reach towards targeted audience. Specifying and focusing on the targeted audience, builds a better customer approach. This technique helps in excluding those strategies that were not as effective as others, and also leads to the reduction of useless expenditure required for advertising.

6. E-mailing

Sending targeted e-mails, a few days prior to the festivals, is another technique to expand the customer reach. E-commerce portals before sending e-mails, need to ensure their motive behind it, and that is to acquire more customers. Therefore, to do the same, it is necessary that the e-mails are valid and to the point. Reading them should not take more than two minutes, or else the mail goes directly to the trash.

7. Personalize

There are a few customers that mostly remain inactive when it comes to shopping online, but might purchase goods and services only during the festive season. Sending them e-mails and offering them special discounts, according to their needs, expand the customer base. This is one of the effective techniques to enhance sales.


These are some popular ways to boost the e-commerce sales during the festive season. One portal that has always successfully implemented these strategies is WAKI.

WAKI, is one of the leading e-commerce portals, based in Saudi Arabia, that is full of quirky goods and services, for the customers’ day to day needs. From fresh groceries to trendy apparels, and from latest electronic gadgets to attractive kids’ toys, WAKI has got it all covered for you. It also helps local vendors by providing them a platform to sell their products and services online, and reach a larger audience base. For more details, get in touch.

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  1. Referral cards, gifts and rewards are very helpful to get good traffic during festival time. People look to save money with expenditure on the higher side. A bit of discount and promo code does a world of good.


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