These Next-Gen Games Look So Real, We Can’t Tell Them Apart From Reality

Everyone wants the best gaming PCs. They are pretty looking and have cool names like Predator and Omen. But you don’t buy a beast like theAcer Predator Helios 500 for its looks. No, you buy a gaming PC for its power and ability to run the latest games at the best quality possible. The ability to tweak your set up is what separates the PC gamers from the console gamers. If you want the highest quality graphics, the smoothest frame rates on the crispiest displays, you want to be gaming on a PC. Ok so your PC is full of LEDs and you are ready show it off, what games will really push it to the limit?

Forza Horizon 4

The latest in the popular series by Playground Games. Players can own, customise and race some of the most loved and prominentcars in the world. Tear around a condensed representation of England with the four seasons shifting and dramatically changing the driving conditions. These seasons are incredibly recreated, your tyres shred through snow and autumn leaves in an impressively realistic manner. As sleet rains sideways into your car you can feel its biting cold sting. The cars themselves are amazingly detailed and a special mention goes to the metallic paint, which could be mistaken for the real thing. Take a high-octane trip to the UK without getting wet.

Shadow of Tomb Raider

Lara Croft is towering icon in gaming culture. For some less than pleasantreasons, perhaps, but an icon none the less. Gamers expect energetic gun fights, challenging platforms and gorgeously rendered ruins. The latest in Lara’s adventures will definitely not disappoint you and it’s possibly the best-looking game you can buy. With constant updates, to make the most out of your shiny new GPU, this game has every graphical bell and whistle imaginable. If your PC can handle this game at maximum settings, you are in for a visual treat. Set in Central America, Shadow of the Tomb raider offers up humid and chocking jungles, to dark and cold tombs long forgotten and waiting to be re-discovered.


Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds took the online community by storm, and then promptly dropped the ball. Known for its nail-biting firefights and ruthless battle royal style gameplay, PUBG has been scaring and frustrating gamers since its release. Complex ballistics physics and customisable weapons gives PUBG a weighted and realistic feel, couple that with one shot kills and you have an almost uncomfortably frenetic experience. This game looks incredible and hitting a target over a kilometre of sparkling beach front is something that you will not forget any time soon. With all these details comes a hefty performance price tag. You will need an absolute animal of a PC to enjoy PUBG at its best, but if you can get that chicken dinner it might just be worth it

The Witcher 3

Yes, this game has been out for a while now but when it comes to realistic details this game still holds up. With a smorgasbord of visual effects to test your GPU the Witcher 3 is one of the best-looking titles to date. Features like Nvidiahairworks gives this game eerily life like qualities and is a popular title to show console gaming friends what they are missing out on.

If your PC has the right stuff, some games can blur the lines of reality. With performance parts becoming more powerful and more efficient the world of PC graphics continues to evolve. From 8-bit pixel art to hyper real 3D models and lighting effect, sometimes it’s hard to distinguish video games form reality.

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  1. Sometimes it is very scary how good the graphics of the video games are nowadays. I was born in the 80s, so my generation has seen the fastest technology advancement and I remember playing pixellated games and being amazed. This would have blown my mind back then! 🙂


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