Essentials your next colocation provider must have before you choose them

No two web hosts are exactly alike – the same can be said about a website, which entails a more proactive approach when looking for your hosting provider. Remember, your website’s loading speed, security, and overall efficiency are affected by the web host.

Regardless if you have a long-standing online business or if you are considering creating an online presence for the first time, you need a reliable colocation hosting service that offers more than just the basic “hosting” services. Here are the things to look for in your next web host before you commit.

Find a provider with a presence in your markets

Dozens of companies are out there looking to entice you with theircolocation services, but they may only have a single existing facility.  For many enterprises, regional offices and customers exist around the world. This means that your provider should also have multiple facilities in key metro markets around the globe. This lets them offer consistent performance and availability, eliminating delay or downtime.

Moreover, a provider with multiple presence gives you the ability to quickly expand physically or virtually into other markets.

Find a provider that hosts major providers and businesses

Many colocation providers are big enoughthat they can build massive digital ecosystems within their facilities, where they are capable of directly linking their clients to carrier and cloud providers and even technology partners in the same physical space instead of the need for them to connect manually across the public internet.  This allows you to extend your digital capabilities quickly and receive the benefits of improved security, higher throughput and much needed lower latency.

Find a provider that focuses on sustainability

This might not be your top consideration, but as an enterprise, you’re helping to foster green practices among colocation and hosting providers through your support of providers who work for sustainable practices.

An equally vital factor is customer and employee awareness. Employees pursue a pleasant environment, that has fresh air, daylightand a restorative effect on their well-being. Using a data centre provider that is focused on sustainability lets you bring those benefits directly to employees.

Find a provider that guaranteesconstant availability

While service level agreements vary among colocation providers, most business owners prefer 24/7 access to their data and applications so to allow their own services to be available to customers all the time.  See if your colocation provider includes acceptable availability to you. 

Prefer a provider who delivers strong security and solid tech support

Because data centres are not created equal, evaluate if the colocation provider you prefer has the assurance and track record that the assets you house with them will be well- protected from theft, vandalism, man-made catastrophes, natural disasters, accidental damage and other incidents. Their facilities must have a full array of security tools to deter these potential issues.

End Note

To some business owners, colocation services may sound nothing more than a commodity; a data centre is a data centre, right? By reading this article, you know it’s not. Consequently, you know that your chosen provider will have a major impact on the overall performance of your business. Trust only industry-leading colocation service providers to get that edge over your competitors and maximize your businesses’ success. Best of luck!

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