5 Best Cross-platform Tools for Mobile App Development


If you are looking app development tools that allow you to build apps for more than one platform, then what you need is a cross- platform mobile development tool. With such tools, mobile app developers can build apps for both iOS and Android devices with the same code base. The tools are important since there are many kinds of devices and they work for all of them. If you want to increase your app development revenue by releasing them to several app stores, then you better use these tools to develop your apps. This is also cost-effective since you only need a single app builder for all your app development. If you want, you can try these. 


This is an open-source program that’s free for building apps for Android, Windows, and iOS mobile devices. PhoneGap uses standard web development languages like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript in app development. You will access hardware features like accelerometer, GPS/location, camera, sound, and more. It also offers online courses Adobe AIR app to help you access native APIs and build mobile apps on its platform.


This is a cross-platform app development program that works well with Android, Windows, and iOS.It has everything needed by a developer to create great, native mobile apps from a single JavaScript codebase. Among its features is a drag-and-drop which makes it easy to place objects. It also has a hyperloop feature that allows developers to use JavaScript to access native APIs in iOS and Android. Another nifty feature is the real-time analytics which gives you the ability to find and fix app issues. 


What makes this app builder great is not only its cross-platform feature but also its open-source nature and it is also a free tool without a paid version. Using JavaScript, Angular, or TypeScript, you can build mobile apps for Android and iOS with NativeScript. It also integrates well with Vue.JS and supports hundreds of plugins for extended functionality. Unlike the other cross-platform builders needs the command-line language meaning an app developer has to supply his text editor. There are numerous documentation if you need them. 


This is another free, open-source cross-platform mobile development builder that can be downloaded easily. You can build your app using C#, .NET, and the Mono framework. It is perfect for creating Android and iOS devices like iPads, iPhones, and iPods, as well as Windows Phone.


Kony allows you to build a JavaScript app with a single IDE. However, Kony will cost you, if you want more than one app, more than 100 users, and some other features. The cross-platform builder supports chatbots, augmented reality, API management, voice, customer reporting, pre-built apps for reference, and much more. You can install Kony on Windows and Mac computers. You can use the companion mobile app to preview your app on the actual device you expect it to run on.

Final Thoughts 

For effective and cost-effective mobile app development, cross platform app development tools are the best. With them, you don’t have to look at multiple builders for other platforms. They have everything you need to create powerful mobile apps. 

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