8 Necessary Phases of Web Development


As a web developer, it is important that clients understand what you are talking about for 

effective implementation. Clients who understand what a developer is talking about, make the web development process flawless. However, we can’t run away from industry jargon that may seem alien to our clients. It is therefore up to us to ensure that they understand what we are referring to. If you can’t communicate effectively with your clients to make them understand what you are talking about, it becomes hard to execute your projects in good time. This affects your delivery and clients will shun working with you. It doesn’t mean that they should understand all the jargon but few that are commonly used. 

This article goes out to our esteemed web development clients and upcoming developers who wish to understand the various phrases used by web developers. Moreover, understanding web development terms will greatly assist you when you finally take total control of your website. These phrases are commonly used and if you are planning to create a site, they will be helpful. 

CMS (Content Management System)


The term CMS simply means content management system. Technically, it is a user-friendly platform for creating and managing online content. When you create a website, there are various content that you’ll wish to publish on it. A website developer workload is reduced significantly by CMS, allowing him or her to focus on content development and modification. CMSs do hard work behind the scenes that could otherwise delay the development process if it was done manually by developers. There are four major CMSs in the web development industry today offering exemplary content management services. These include the world’s number 1 WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Kirkby. Without these platforms, it would be really hard to handle and manage the complexities of content creation and publication. Remember, we are talking of hundreds of web pages. What makes work easier is the content automation process that allows the user to automate different content to be published at different intervals. Another interesting thing about CMS is the ease of use. For example, WordPress is quite intuitive and any blogger can publish content without any problem. 



This refers to the rental space provided by a host to air your website. This is accessed on a public server. It plays an important role in web development since without it users can’t view or access your web content on the Internet. There are various host providers globally that offer hosting services at different rates depending on the packages offered. Before you go ahead and get host research first, to establish if their services coincide with your business needs and whether you can afford them. Examples of hosting services are BlueHost, GoDaddy, A2Hosting, SiteGround and many more. 



This is the address entered by visitors to access information on your website. It is usually entered in the search bar so that the search engine can direct the user to the searched site. A domain usually ends up with a .com for company, a .org for an organization or a .net for the network but with almost all domain names taken, other new ones like a .ninja or a .in have surfaced up. When coming up with a domain name, keep it simple so that visitors can easily remember or type. It should also reflect your business or organization. When creating a domain name, avoid names that are not easy to pronounce or spell. Stick to one or two words. To many word makes it ambiguous and people may find it hard to spread the words about your products due to hard pronunciations. 

Responsive Web Design


The day websites first came to being, they could only be accessed from desktop computers. Back then there were no smartphones, tablets or laptops. Due to technological advancements, users can now access the internet through their mobile devices. However, you need to make your website responsive to these fancy gadgets so that users can view your content on any size screen. If websites are not responsive enough to mobile devices, users will have a difficult time getting information from your website. The responsive process is done automatically. Google has now started indexing websites based on the mobile version of it. So, if you don’t have a responsive website, you may not rank high in Google ranking. 

Hex Code


This is a six-digit code sequence comprising of letters and numbers beginning with #. Developers use this code when developing a website in assigning color components to the site. This procedure is a bit complex and requires time. As a developer, you need to know the specifications hex codes used in a given brand to maintain color consistency in all digital platforms. A poorly designed website will have color variances in different platforms since the hex codes were not implemented. That is why you need to seek services from a reputable Web developer or development companies that offer credible web development services. Since the call to action prompts visitors to do things like filling forms and registering to subscriptions, it needs to be visible enough and understood easily. 

Call to Action


Websites interact with visitors all the time with a prompting called call to action. What this simply refers to is a button or a link that prompts a visitor to take a specific action. This greatly assists users to get around the website and guides them on appropriate measures to take. Here are some examples like, “Learn More”, “Sign Up”, or “Contact Us”. There is no particular standard for writing a CTA and texts can vary on different websites. It is however not necessary to use phrases like “click here to” as most users are well aware that a button is meant to be clicked. 



We’ve all fallen victims to slow loading website if you’ve not then I think you are from Pluto…Lol! This is due to poor compression. If the files were not properly compressed, it will end up affecting the loading speed of a website. Larger files take longer to load and this frustrates the user. On the other hand, compressed files get rid of excess, unnecessary data leading to great user experience. However, the right tool should be employed to make file compression flawless, while maintaining the quality of the image. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization or SEO helps websites get discovered by search engines easily. Google especially values this element for ranking purposes. There are various techniques used to improve website visibility including use of keywords and phrases, backlinks, and metadata. This means that website visitors will easily find your website leading to high quality and quantity of traffic. To get the best results, get an SEO expert to help you. 


All these terms are useful in web development and developers understand this very well. However, these are just initials. There are many terms and phrases used by developers when developing a website. As a client, these ones are enough for you to understand different concepts that are used in web development. Look for expert developers to avoid future problems when running your website. 

Guest article written by: Naman Modi is a Professional Blogger, SEO Expert & Guest blogger at NamanModi.com, He is an Award Winning Freelancer & Web Entrepreneur helping new entrepreneur’s launches their first successful online business. Social Media Links: Twitterhttps://twitter.com/namandigital – Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/NamanModiDigital – Pinterest https://in.pinterest.com/NM_Digital/ – Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/naman_modi_digital/

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